Thursday, June 7, 2007


If you have ever seen Sesame Streets "Bert and Ernie" you'd understand just how terrible Tasha's eyebrows were getting. They made Berts eyebrows look like a hairline fracture!!! SO I decided to do the kid a favor and set to work on Tasha's eyebrows. They were so burley that I needed to trim them first before I could just pluck them. OH my goodness...what a task!! It was like clearing the JUNGLE and so of course nobody clears a jungle by plucking one vegetation at a time! They mow the place down first, or clear a path with a machette!! I had to do likewise before the fine tune plucking could begin. Well, amoungst the clearing I accidently got a little carried away and I got a bit too close to one spot and cleared a bald spot right into her eyebrow!!
Somehow, amoungst my laughing I was able to get a broken applogy in. Tasha got a glimpse in the mirror, a glare at me and then ran up to her room VERY upset. SHe didn't talk to me for quite a while.
The next day she colored her eyebrow in with a pencil but unbeknownst to her, she sweat it off in PE class! Her friend Chelsea was the first to notice and asked her what had happend. Of course Tasha being the quick lying schemer that she is replied, "oh I hit my head and got a cut there." I don't know why she lied, I think my story was much more exciting!