Monday, February 25, 2008

THe Christmas Card are sent...and its FEBRUARY

I know it is ridiculous, but when I set my mind to doing something I ALWAYS get it done. Perhaps not in the most timely manner but it does get done.
I actually had my Christmas cards all addressed and written in November but then they got put on hold because I wanted to make a really cool Calvin and Hobbes SNOW SHARK snowman like the one below for my picture.

That obviously didn't work. I did make an attempt...twice but the first time the snow was not cooperative and the second time just didn't look anything like the drawing no matter how hard I tried. So then I decided I couldn't just send a boring card with not picture.....and so the task got pushed to the side and before i knew it I had a stack of Christmas cards all ready to go and Christmas was well past.
ANyhoo, I just have to say that I finally got my Christmas cards sent this week. And since it is mid-February I put a little note inside each one that read a little something like this.

DISCLAIMER::: Despite how embarrassing it is to me
That I am sending out this Christmas card in the middle of February.
I want you to know that I love and miss ya….(although it is at
The expense of me being labeled an idiot)..I vowed to get these out.
So here it is….in the middle of Februray..nearly March…
A Christmas card for you!!. So please consider me
Degrading my social character, as a sign of my love for you!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The not so great Vacation

So I went to visit the sis in Pheonix last month, she finally talked me into it. I also went to see the kids. I figured it was a good getaway and I needed one. We had lots of fun together, but mostly we just overloaded on sugar and let our pancrease and kidneys do all the work.

Here is Mia engaged in her Oreo supplement.
Here is Mia engaged in her Oreo supplement
Here is Kaylee ENGORGED in her Oreo cookie goodness
...everything seemed just fine and dandy right up until things make a turn for the worst....and they did...see picture below...

Here is Mia oreo.... and the vomiting continued past this point into the next few days and onto the younger sister Kaylee. It made the quite the adventure just never new what was coming at you or in what form! So this shout goes out to KRIS, thanks for inviting me up to get sick and help you clean up your kids upchuckedness. I hope it ment as much to you as it did to me.

Not quite so impressive sling shot

BO BO was in town and I thought I was pure genious when I came home with some surgical tubing that night...however...

THe sling shot didn't work quite as well as planned when we tried in in the my roome with my piggy bank..... ....needless to Halloween pumpkin we attempted to sling got the best of the sling shot and it broke. I haven't been that disappointed in years.

Gingerbread Barn

Every year CHEWY goes to this great gingerbread making house party with her friends that I am never invited to. Now you may think that I am not invited because I am ten years older then them, but that is not true....the real reason is because they don't want me showing them up. So there is usually a day in December where I sit alone at a table for hours making a most spendid masterpiece. I love those hours of creation. They are great. I can goes hours without talking to anyone...just me and my graham crackers is all I need. While it is against most everything I know, somehow it feels right to watch ample amounts of sugar go to waste before my very eyes and then thrown away just a month later. I think i justify it because I know that I can get that sense of defeat when I show CHEWY how much better my house is then hers!! The way she looks at the floor in disappointment of herself and then gazes at her now ugly gingerbread house is priceless!! So this year I had my OWN gingerbread party. And what can I say folks....I did it again....PERFECTION....presenting the GINGERBREAD BARN....complete with Crop Circle!!

I thin

White Elephant Gift Suprise

So this year I had to come up with a white elephant gift. I take the white elephant gifting quite seriously. To be topped at a prank is not in my nature. I would feel like a useless gutted cow if that happened. So I put much thought and effort into my gift and this is what I came up with this year. Once again I just can't tell you how good it feels to see the look of disappointment of the face of the reciepient of my gift. It is great and it just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't get to disappoint someone with my white elephant gift.
So here it is WHITE ELEPHANT 2007

Wheres your head at?

ronnie, bobo and chewy reunion 2007

Thank Goodness Valentines Day is OVER!!!

THANK goodness Valentines day is OVER!!!! Hurrah, that means I don't have to go through another 24 hour day where I doubt my attractiveness, sending my ego on a grinding ride DOWN Mt. Everest.
But Can I just share with you yet another Valentines day for the books.....
I was sick...recovering from a sinus infection. Decided last minute to go to the movies with my friends...only to be the last to buy my ticket. Since I bought my ticket after all my friends I had to sit alone...and I was fine with that. Right up until my movie buddies made their appearance and I found myself sitting BETWEEN 2 couples...on valentines the movies.

I sagged in my seat in embarrassement at my very obviously pathetic perdicament. I thought maybe I could get a seat with a guy next to me making it appear that someone elses boyfriend was mine instead. But of course my plan worked to no avail... I was plopped between 2 girls, both of their boyfriends on the outside seats. Both girls leaned their heads on their boyfriends shoulders like 2 flowers growing toward the sunlight that cast through windows....both windows AWAY from me. THen there was my big fro head....standing alone....very apparently alone....quite pathetically alone I was like a skunk on a breezy day....everyone was as far away from me as they could possibly be without raising both cheeks off their movie seat. I was quite the momment. Can I just say that it must be miserable to be a 3rd wheel on Valentines day...but that night i topped the chart...because I was the 5th Wheel this Valentines day. IT was quite the momment my friends...quite the momment.LOL . Stay tuned for next years adventures!!!