Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another super cute somethin somethin

These are just too cute and easy to make!!

IF I had a kid....

Came across this picture on some ladies blog and FEll in love!! I think it is the most perfect picture momment. Anyways I thought the little girl was so cute.A girl in a CAPE! How perfect!! I am all about letting kids dress however they want and be as creative as they want.

SO I scrolled down to see some more pictures.... and came to this one, THIS one confirmed it...this way the kid I was supposed to have....LOL. NOte the shoes on the wrong feet and all!

Except this will probably be what my kid will be wearing in family pictures!LOL

Monday, October 19, 2009

IN case ya haven't already heard.....





SO ya, incase ya didn't hear...I am leaving to Africa again on THursday. This time I am going East to KENYA!! Way excited. I signed on with the Neonatal Resuscitation Team with the church. So we are going over there to train village midwifes, healthcare people, nurses etc. I am sooooo excited. Leave thurs, return NOV 1st. OOOHHH so many good pictures to come!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

OH the beauty!!

Found this lady's blog last night and was in AWE her ideas!!! And she loves old barn wood just like me!!!
THis one she does a stepbystep on how to make your OWN!!!

Thought this was pretty creative and cute.

This I fell in LOVE with..I must have a fence on my wall.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HaLlOWeens Doings

I DOOO love Halloween the sad part is that no one seems to enjoy it for the same reaons I do.....trick o treatin, making cool scarecrows for your porch....

It is days like this I wish I had kids because they understand what fun is. When I mention making a cool scarecrow to adults you can bet nobody thinks it is a fun idea. I find the same results with trick or treatin. Growing up is sooo over rated. But I vowed to never let it stop I made one alone...and LOVED it!!

Anyhow, this cool little guy cost me $2 for the mask. A WAY fun thing to do with kids. It will be a tradition in my house FOR SURE.

I created his eyes bug eye from some marshmellows and markers...but the best part can only be seen in the living room of the house.....

That is right...he even has a but crack!!!! This is my kinda scarecrow.

Recent DOingS

This was one o my fav new tablecloths I sewed. I LOVE it. By far my favorite.

A closer look at the fabric and you will know why

I figured this was so appropriate for harvest season and I kept it on my table for the last few months of summer till fall came.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Few more Halloween doings

I got this skull at Big lots for $8!! I immediatetly fell in Love with it because it is so anatomically correct for a decoration. The human body is amazing and this skull was the best I have seen.

This was a star my roomie Jillian Moge Poged with some craft paper. Also a fun kid project! I have seen them done for Christmas too and they are really cute.