Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Chair

So I found this Diamond on KSL and hounded the girl to get it the next day. It is solid wood (my fav) and it is beautiful!!!!! I only paid ten bucks for it and I can hardly wait ot fix it up. What color should I go with????? Turquoise?? WHite??? Yellowish LIme green??? Give me your opinion.

Here is a close up o the wood carving in this little number. Now I know that I said I was going to sell furniture and paint it....but I am keeping this on for MYSELF...until something better comes along.... dahlias are budding!!! I can hardly wait!!! I check them and my lillies every morn when I get home from work. Pictures will be soon!!

A few changes in the life plans

So I have been wantin to go part time for a LONG LONG time now. Night shift really takes a toll on my life. Social lacking, stress increase, insomia, energy depletion, etc. So I heard about a thing called 3/4 time, and after a a while of thinking about it I decided to take a stab at it. I emailed my manager and told her that I want to go 3/4 time. I was a little leery at first...but I am feeling better and better about it. I have decided that I can cut back and do some of the things I have always wanted to do in life but don't seem to have the time. ( I know...that is the story of everyones life). I never go too long thinking about things. I am a doer. Once I think about something enough, I make a plan of attack to try and make it happen. This plan just looks so nice right I just have to try it out.
PLAN 1. I want to exercise my creative juices more. I get tons and tons and tons of compliments on the things I paint, the way I decorate etc. So I figure I just want to use those more. So I am going to do some furniture painting and see if I can make some money on the side.

PLAN 2. I have been thinking quite a bit about going back to school. I want to go to the U if I do. However...the drive to the U is a horrible horrible thing. But as it turns out..... I now live right near the tracks!! So I can hitch a ride up the the U and take a class or so!! I want to take Biology because it sounds interesting and because IF I decided to go to PA school, I want to have my classes done. I have also always wanted to take a physics class.

PLAN 3. I really really really want to take guitar lessons.

PLAN 4. I need to work on more structure in my life. I have been free to do as I please for a couple years now and I really need to set some more goals in my life to accomplish. This includes budgeting a bit better.

PLAN 5. I really feel like I need to work on being more social and meeting more people. Yes, it is true, I often worry that my work pulls me from the social scene and my abilties to meet and date. So I am being proactive and making a bit of a sacrifice in pay and security to try and venture out a bit more.

PLAN 6. ReLearn to RELAX. I used to be able to relax, to take it all in to enjoy the quite. I am not sure what has happened...but it is GONE!! So I really want to make a goal to relearn to relax to slow down.

PLAN 7. RUN RUN AND RUN. This is my favorite outlet. It is summer, there are few things that I want to do more than to just run endlessly through neighborhoods or forests and see the scenery explore. I love to run....and I want to do more of it.

PLAN 9. Along with learning to relax comes reading. I wish I could enjoy reading but I can't. I can't seem to turn off my brain for even a second to relax and take it a book. I wish I was more a a reader, I really do so I am going to work on it. ....MORE (cuz I have been working on it recently as well)... I will just be doing it more.
PLAN 10. If all else fails.......I will go back to the dreaded night shift full time. But I am quite certain that will be a LAST RESORT if all else fails me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I found this piece of paper here in my desk today.....apparently it was my new years resolution.......lost in time. Here is what it said.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

We were supper lucky because our landlord let us dig up this plot o grass for our is the PERFECT spot!! Digging up grass is not easy work..but well worth it. Along the way I freaked out cuz I thought I accidently thought I dug up a sprinkler pipe...but good news is I am wrong. (pheww).
This is the garden after I planted it the second half. Shayla wouldn't let me plant till after memmorial was killing me!! SO the day after memmorial day I got all giddy and planted the rest.

HEre is the garden today. I was sick this weekend..otherwise it would be prettier and weeded...but it is doing well none the less.

Here is what we have this year...
Tomatoes, pumpkin, crock neck squash, spinach, carrots, lettuce, onions, peppers, broccoli, and zucchini to come!

March, April and May Showers bring late June flowers

HEre are a few more reasons I LOVE love love the new galore!!I am almost in heaven....(I just need an acre more to plant dahlias and THEN I would be in heaven).

THis is the front hedge o roses. This made possible by way of Shayla. Pretty sure most of the thorns on these bushes have layers of Shaylas skin cells on them. She pruned these beauties and sacrificed her own brown skin to do it.

Here are some o the roses in the front...way prettier than my picture taking abilities/

Our HUGE Peonies. The buds are almost as pretty as the flowers. Huge bud ready to BURST at the seams like me after steak dinner.

MOre Rose

Still to come my screaming deal on Lillys (75% off at lowes).I planted these bulbs early...despite the snow....can't wait to reap the rewards!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MOAB weekend

Got a call on my way back from Idaho last weekend. Andy said they were rafting the river in Moab and that I was going. I couldn't argue with that. So I got home at 5pm and left for Moab at 530.

We camped out and the next morn we picked up this little danty raft. Wasn't quite what we pictured but we didn't much care.

Here is 3 of us all barely fitting on the raft. There was actually 4 of us but just 3 in this picture. I brought my wet suit and it is a good thing I did cuz I was the only girl so I got picked on and thrown into the water more times than needed.

We also did some rock climbing and I did a little rock and sun bathing while I was at it to finish it all off. A great little get away indeed.

Idaho the beloved

Went to IDaho last weekend...mostly to visit this kid. We had a good ol relaxed time together. We had some army men adventures (see facebook). We ate, shopped, bugged BOBO, ran and went for long walks. It was great.

Amoung all the fun I had nearly forgotten my most favorite part of Idaho (besides all the amazingly hot men) was the fields behind the school. I took a drive back in them just to remember it all and take it in.

This is where I would go on a bad day. This is where I would go on a good day.

This is where I came to ball my eyes out and find solace when I foundout one morning that I was suppposed to go on a mission.

This is where I gained the strength to do it.

I just can't get enough of the pure beauty of this land. I called it the potatoes fields...but I am not sure what he really grows here. All I know is that it is the one of the most beautiful places I have been...and it makes me never want to leave. Paradise.

PLEASE NOTE: The color in these pictures are NOT enhanced. Isn't that amazing!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


SO I get a text from my FHE bro ANdy on WEd..... skydiving 2morrow at 2. Let me know if you wanna go. I figured...hey..what the heck I have always wanted to go...but could never fork out the bucks. SO I asked how much and he said $150 I knew I just HAD to go. ($150 is an amazing price). SO the next day we jump in the car with a couple of friends and then ANDY tells me the REAL was NOT $150. IT was a tactic to get me to go...but it was too late to change my mind..I was all worked up and ready to go.

I wanted a bright suite so you could see me flying down. They have me this was more of a spandex outfit. You can see my jean pockets through it!!...SOOO tight. This is ME, Andy and Jason. All ready to suite and jump.

The final suite was a triumph getting my body in that suite!

Here we are...I am the furthest one up..right in the corner! 12,000 foot drop!! It was nothing short of amazing!! I loved it. I would do it again in a heartbeat...except for the price.

And this is one of my favorite picture because we are walking can just see the giddiness in our faces. IT was a BLAST. I think my only disappointment was that I was expecting to get a good adrenaline rush from it..but I didn't. I was not scared at all. The higher we got, the more excited I got!! It was nothing short of thrilling. And all I could think am I going to afford to get Chewy up here..she has GOT to do this!