Monday, November 30, 2009


SO a long time ago I heard the most perfect fairy tale story EVER! I say it is the ONLY story that nearly provoked me to consider online dating...then just seconds later my pride returned and I cast the thought aside. I don't wanna type the whole story but these 2 met online. He is an Idaho rancher and he is over 5'10! This is how he proposed to her!! SO JEALOUS!!!!

And after seeing this picture and hearing the story I am pretty sure I am NOT EVER getting married...cuz this chick took the guy that was supposed to be mine. Thanks alot dumb girl.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Falllllll Creation

This is ONE o my favorite is a tree that I made and I decorate it for each season as the centerpiece on my table. Up until recently it was just some silver branches that i stuck in a vase. I have been meaning to make it look more tree like and it suddenly came to me one day when I was takin the trash out. "hey, this martinelli bottle is the perfect height! So I used a little creativity some paper mache and here is how it turned out!!

SO yesterday I was feeling the need for some fallage and so I went out and gathered some leaves for the tree.

And here it is. I promise it looks better on the table but I am no lighting expert when I comes to pictures.

PS I am back from AFrica...check out my fecebook for some safari pictures and such!!