Wednesday, September 30, 2009








Sunday, September 27, 2009


Just Getting the WORD out that we have another OPENING in our HOUSE...ROOM MATE NEEDED. OWN big is cheap....$260 a month. Get the WORd out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demolicious Derby

So last weekend we made it to one of my fav events of the year...the BLACKFOOT DEMOLITION DERBY!!! Ya that is right, drive all the way to blackfoot idaho because it is the BEST derby. Here is a little message Chewy and I made on the fridge before we left to pick up good ol Apes.

It is a dream of mine to one day drive my own derby car and this arena will be it's final resting place. Here is just a small sample of what there is to all a wreck everywhere and radiators blowing in every direction you look. It is a beautyfull thing.

Now how does this picture play into the role you ask? Well let me address that here
Chewy had a runny nose that suddenly took off from a run to a sprint in the car. We were in emergent circumstances. We had no kleenex of paper of sorts so I quickly grabbed the quickest rational thing for her to blow her nose into......A TRISCUIT! That is right...I made her blow her nose into a triscuit....made perfect sense to me. You can throw a biodegradable triscuit out the window when done but ya can't do that with a kleenex. There was some reluctance on her part and there was some demanding on my part... but all and all it turned out good.

Beloved Boat

This was our beloved boat..she served up so many good family memmories. Here are a few to list
"Yer burning daylight", Kristinas huge rope burn leg scar, countless air times and whiplashes, me drivin behind it in a car with only my permit to avoid being pulled over for expired license plates, the boat sherriff always pulling us over cuz we took it out when we were only 16, Dad s
arm being shredded to pieces, learning to sauder with Kris, being able to turn any boy into a wussy via tube wars, Waxing the bottom so we would go faster, me dropping the van keys off the dock into the lake, being stranded in the middle of the lake and paddling in with skis, learning to ski, tubin in freezing water or rain, "hammer time" and of COURSE the Many Many Many times we put it in the water without the plug!!!

HOme Sweet Home

Here is some more video of what I call HOME. I took it while I was home this summer and it just makes me want to cry sometimes because of its absolute beauty. I had the blessing of waking up to this view every morning outside my window...give or take a few raindrops.

Childhood Memmories

When I went home to WA a couple weeks ago I tried to get some footage o memmories. Here is the woods that was in the front of our house where we used to ride our bikes on the trails. Not real exciting to watch unless ya are family. But this is just another reason why I loved my childhood years and growin up in the country. The beauty is priceless.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So i think its funny...

Talking to my friends and they were thankin me for pointing out that we were the last 3 single friends left of our once exsistant Idaho group of friends. This was my response.....

oh blah.... I am willing to hold off on saggy boobs and a prego belly just as long as I can. Cuz once ya get it..there aein't no turning why start early? Just delay the inevitable mess we will one day partake in

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The latest Craze on Healthcare View

While everyone has to say their views on healthcare I just had to say one o my own views on it.

I think that a HUGE part of the expensive parts of healthcare could be reduced by allowing pharmacy companies the chance to keep a longer patent on their drugs. There are a ton of life saving drugs out there that cost 12 and 13 thousand dollars the second the bag is spiked. If we allowed pharmacy companies to keep their patent on drugs longer I think that would drive the cost down dramatically. I know that a HUGE chunk of hospital bills are the drugs. Companies spend millions of dollars to get a patent, to get the FDA to approve it, to do research on it, to find it safe for humans etc. The process itself takes a ridiculous amount of years and millions of dollars. Then the company finds the drug safe and effective and they have just a few years to make a profit off a drug that just cost them millions of dollars. It is not wonder that drugs and hospital bills cost so much. I really do think that if we allowed them more time to make a profit off their drugs it would drive down the overall cost of drugs and insurance.