Tuesday, March 29, 2011

april fools day greatness

I would like to be sure to first give FULL credit to my sister chewy for this one. But it is GREAT for april fools day!! She sent me a picture text o this and I laughed so hard I just had to do it.

So I did this at my house and scared the crap out of my roomates and myself more than just a few times. TO do: syran wrap toilet...place scary mask atop. Close lid.

The finger

Was on my way to the shop when Richael called to see "how far out I was...because he cut his finger." I knew exactly what that ment. It means it is a bad deep cut and he wants me to tell him if he needs to get stitches or not. I arrived to find this. He completely sliced through his finger AND the top of the nail. But I knew the ER would cost a butt load and we could probably do a little patching together to fix it. The next day I lavaged it and let it air dry before I glued it back together. While it was drying I wanted to protect it from getting hit ...and I came up with this ingenious contraption...the finger cone. It was designed after the well known dog cone. lol. I think I am so funny. Speakin o Richaels hands..here is a great one. We came out of the movies one day and his hand was completly BLUE. Couldn't figure it out how it got all blue. (picture below lacks actual blueness). The only place his hand was during the movie was on my leg..then we figured it out. I had new jeans...he rubbed the dye right into his hands.

Monday, March 21, 2011

find of the day

Gotta love the Sandy clean up time....cuz than I find little gems like these. Free wooden boxes..and a wooden ladder (not pictured).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Car bumper meets its match

My car bumper met its match a month or so ago. I decided to hurry off to work and in the process back into my roomies boyfriends car....his car won...mine didn't. Good news it has since been to the shop and Richael helped me fix it. All she needs is a coat of paint and all evidence is gone.

And I got a ticket last week.....just a month of being short of a 2 year clean streak. Good thing biking season isn'too far.

" I'm a little teapot"

Every once in a while I get a nice little piece of art work from Chewy. Ah the beauties of everyday life. Chewy entitled this one "I'm a little teapot."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In my home decor binder I have a few varieties of these. Here is one on a blog I just ran across. LOVE IT!!!! YOu can get to it by followin my sausage links on the side. roarinmomma is the one. It is a few page posts back. I LOVE her blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PRoject giddy

I just LOVE the naked tree look. I have a tree on my table I decorate for each season that I made and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

There it is again with hearts for valentines in the background!

I would love a bigger one. Then I was at Tia Pan and saw these. Wanted so bad...but couldn't pay 65 for them.

Then later I was at HOBBY Lobb and found these on clearance for a buck fifty each!! Oh how giddy I was!! Project tree is under way!!


Head a blood curdlin scream from the front room. This is what we found. Kid Littles head being attacked by her own shirt.

Family in Town

I talked Kris into coming up to ski because of the mass amounts of powder we had been recieving. It didn't really take much, just a few pictures of me on the mountain and all powder and she did it. I was so excited to see the kids...not so much the baby (I am not a baby person) but to see Mia & Kid Little. I had them stay the night and we made a fort and watched a movie and I was woke up a 9am with excitement about all the snow that was outside.

Kid Little forgot her coat so we had to makedue with what I had. This is what we came up with. I think she looks like on the the thug kids from the Fat Albert cartoon.

I felt it only appropriate to build a snow man with them since they are from AZ and have never done it before. But before we put the head on I let them sit on it first.

And here is the snow man all completed. Green Melt aways for eyes. Roommates molding carrot for nose and almonds for mouth. Also Kaylee made a hat out of snow at the top.

Lastly there was skiing. OH BLESSED DAY it was AWESOME!! POwder up to my knees! Kris and I followed Andyroo down our first double black diamonds. This picture is right where I ate it. Kris was shortly behind me so I put my hand up so she wouldn't run into me. She tired to divert and go around the left side the the tree only to crash and get buried underneath the tree. She took FOREVER to get out. I got up and continued to ski up to Andyroo. Andyroo looked back to see a mess of tree branched bobbing around. He asked if Kris needed help and i said, "Yea probably...but I dont' want to unclip my boots." He started to ski back to her so I decided I might go catch a good picture. I only got a few feet before I dropped my knees tryin to keep myself from peein my pants in laughter. She was still very much under the tree and stuck. She had started on the left of the tree but exiting on the right. I don't know if ya every tried to manuever skis in burid snow but it is a real butt kicker. I tried to get some keegals in inbetween my laughter and I was able to snap this picture.

Yes, that is her middle finger. She blamed me for blockin the trail but we all know if she was a better skier she woulda just gone around .