Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For the cuteness

These look so cute!! I know you aren't supposed to overstimulate the kid but I think when you have an idea as cool as this you just don't have a choice in the matter.

2 do 2 do

I didn't make this...but I want to.

THE DIRTY DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So..back in JULY I posted about the dirty dash that I was sooo pumped to be a part of. It was by far on the the funnest things I did this summer. Right up there with sky diving and steer wrestling!!! I can't even tell you how much fun I had.It was the first one in Utah. It is a 10K through mud and obstacles. It kicked my butt for sure but it was oh so fun!! I have some more pictures to post but here is the one that I have for now.

Here I am runnin, pretending to enjoy the scene but really, I am about ready to kill over. All the mud on your legs and shoes really adds up....especially on the hills. I am here with Andy who was so kind as to push and wedgie me the entire time. The rest of my team is a ways in front of me.

Here is the beloved mud pit!! SO much fun that I went through it twice!! Andy and I cut back into the race afer we finished and went through it again and attacked Shaylas team!! IT was a blast!!

Here is one of Shayla nailing me square with a chunk o mud.

Here is most o the roomies with JA. She and Richael were so kind as to come up and take pictures for us!!! So nice and sweet o them.

Here is a group photo. I put together 2 teams and Shayla put another together. So where are our three teams all combined at the end.