Saturday, March 13, 2010


After much cryin and whinnin from my sister and my need to break out of the norm I went to Zona last week to visit her. HEre are a few pictures o the highlights....butit is pretty lame because my camera battery died b4 I got any decent pictures in.

Here ia the result of some of the material I stole from her. I have becom obsessed with accumulating material. Love it.

Here is a little craft we did that took WAY too much time trying to get materials and assemble it. The good news is that i did not cuss until the LAST day in the trip(that is 7days clean) doing this little was a bugger. ANd my sisters is cutest..but I didn't care enough by the end of it.

The highlight of the trip was a 3 ways tie between these last there. Here we see what I walked into every time i needed to pee. Such a joy...not pictured is the typical puddle of pittle right in front of the toilet that you ineveitably step in while trying to avoid the 2 pairs of wet underwear kid little has left in the bathroom to hide from her mom.

Here is Mia and Kid Little in some more dresses we made for Haiti. We whipped out another 15 or so while we were there. Here they are HUGGIN...I am not sure what that is all about but it is clear they have been hundreds of miles away from any McDonald influence by this pose. Not pictured is when they hug and kiss each other for no apparent reason then the fact that they are gave me the heebeegeebees.

Lastly pictured is the last possession I returned home with. My sister so graciously gave me my Dads ol drill. I was sooooo tickeled pink. What i thought she didn't know was that I was getting the better end of the deal because Dads drill is better than her new one...."sucker" I thought to myself but gladly took the much coveted tool. She later told me that she knew my drill had more power but she liked hers because of the carry case. I don't understand how a carry case could possibly be better than power but WHATEVER...I came off happy as the greedy pig that I was!

OH... one more highlight that is not pictured would be when we were in ROSS and a stranger lady told kid Little that she should not be standing inside the cart. Kris replied, "I told her already and she won't listen.....guess she will have to learn the hard way." ABout one hunred and twenty seconds later Mia decided to join her on the cart in the process completely dumped the cart to the SIDE sending Kid little to her tumbling terror. Sad to say....kid little learned the hard way. Even more sad to say that kid little was back at again by the time we got to the next store. Perhaps she had a concussion from the fall and forgot the whole incident by the time we got to the next store.