Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So this last weekend I had another rundown with the cancerous end of the Blue L.S.S. Her rear asbestos producing brakes needed changed. I tried to ignore the metal grinding noise and avoid putting any more money into her but I just couldn't stand to hear that aweful noise anymore. The other good news was that Noah was in town so figured I would put him to work as well.

I took this picture cuz I thought it as soooo funny that he had rubbed his face black with cancerous asbestos brake remains.

ANd he thought it was so funny that after I made fun of him he rubbed my entire face down with black cancerous remains as well.

ANyhow I was quite proud of our job and that fact that I had just saved myself a couple hundred dollars with my ol "figure it out myself technique." it was awesome, I totally have rear drum brake repairs down pat. I ROCK...and Noah does a little too....I guess. But for the record I could have done it all myself, but I didn't.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I am not going to lie, when i heard her first hit "Tim McGraw" I was not real impressed. But after I heard her second hit "Teardrops on My Guitar" I bought her cd. And after I listened to her c.d. and heard "Picture to Burn" and the others I was HOOKed on it. Honestly one of the BEST c.ds I have ever bought...and that is coming from the owner of well over 700 pluse cds. I listened to the cd over and over and over and it NEVER grows old.

So when her newest cd FEARLESS came out I was totally excited. I admit I don't like it as much as her first cd but it is still real good and the one song that I LOVED of hers was "White Horse." And the Music video came out last week so I just have to put a shout out for this girl. She is AMAZING and a great role model for all girls out there.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So many a time I have heard from girls that I am a freak show because I LOVE love LOVE the the look and feeling of scruff on men. Most girls Hate it, but I just can't avoid the temptation of wanting to touch it. So anyhow I was recently trying to decide what exactly it is about SCRUFF that I love just so much and I have decided that it is the Tactileness of it. I simply have to touch it. I love the fact that a new texture is thrown into the usual routine of skin. I could really just run my fingers across it all day.

The other thing that I love is thick leathery callused hands. It is the first thing that I look at when a boy catches my interest. His hands can literally make it or break it. I think they tell alot about a guy and I simply can not stand holding a hand of a guy who has softer hands then makes me feel like I am holding hands with a girl....and in my book that is just a bit ackward.

ANYHOW I recently concluded as to WHY I am so into textures when it comes to attractions and here it is.....

Dr. Oz (who I love) was talking about attraction one day. He talked about how pharamones play a huge role in our attraction to one another. That some people are attracted to certain pharmones that other people are not attracted to. He also explained more in it that I found fascinating you would find boring so I will spare you. As I was telling my aunt about this, she suddenly hypothosized something that we still laugh at to this day....... "THAT IS IT RONNIE, she said, "THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM...YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF SMELL...THAT IS WHY YOU AREN'T BOY CRAZY..YOU CAN'T SMELL THEIR PHARMONES." I laughed quite hard at this but am quit sure it is true.

SO IN CONCLUSION: Most women are drawn in by the smell of male pharamones, but since my sense of smell is essentially GONE, in my world pharamones just don't exsist. So I have EVOLVED myself to rely on other senses more heavily, and the one proving most useful has become the use of my TACTILES to find a man. lol