Friday, January 18, 2013

Dropcloth Curtains

I didn't even plan on putting curtains up in the house but much to my surprise Richael said we needed some.  So I started trying to find curtains that I actually liked and there were VERY few that I liked.  I finally came across some in a magazine that I liked and I figured I could just stencil the design on there.  Then I went to JOJO my so savy friend for a sewing consultation on how to make it work and she told me about drop cloth curtains.  You buy a huge drop cloth for painting and cut it up, stencil and whoala!
It was more work than planned but super cheap and I still have enough material to do my other window.  I couldn't find an exact stencil of what i wanted but rolled across this one and made it work. I have my flaws but I pretend to not notice them. The nice thing is when I get tired of them I am only out about 12 bucks.  Still havent decided what I want to tie them back with...I am open to suggestions.  Anyhow... love a good affordable DIY project and this one saved me LOTS o money.