Monday, December 28, 2009

Acoustic Guitar Seeking

Just gettin the word out that I am SOOO (long over due) and in the market for an acoustic Guitar. I am seeking one if anyone knows someone lookin to get rid o theirs. I have a list of 5 that I have had recommended to here are the brands I am looking for
LEt me know!!! RONNIE

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The CHewy visits

Chewy came to visit this week. She was supposed to fly out from SLC but I threw a fit and demanded that she stay with me for a few days. Chewy brinds out the food in me. I had the makings for worlds best carmel in my fridge for 2 weeks but was scared to make it due to my weakness when it comes to carmel consumption management.But chewy has a was of taking all the fear out of me..cuz she always eats her half of things and then another half of my half.

So we decided to make carmel and eat it with Muppets Christmas Carol movie. All went well up until I went to transfer the pot across the kitche and dropped the whole dang pot!! I was sooo mad...2 weeks in waiting and THIS is what happened.

Here is what became of the carmel. All I could do was stare at it in dismay...and then throw out a Granny McD phrase to make me feel batter.

The other great part is the fact that I got some of the 230 degree carmel on my finger and burned it real good.
NOTE: vanilla extract is an INSTANT pain of burn remover. However for lasting pain removal make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply to burn. THen wrapy cold wet gauze around it to keep it moist.
My finger hurt real good...and of course I still had 20 Christmas cards to write on and send out.

Chewy always seems to make the best of you can see here. She decided that the top layer of carmel was still good for consumption. Such a Chewy thing to do.

I agreed and joined her. I also decided that at a temperature of 230..not too many harmful bacteria could withstand the heat and live. SO I ate up too.

Just one of our little escapades for the week.Thanks for coming to visit Chewy! love ya! love RONNIE

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here are a few pictures. I will take the one on the bottom in the white shirt...or any o the others

All the representatives. Texas was by far the most popular. Utah and Idaho were also well represented.
And of course this is my new edition to the Christmas tree. I got a few o these. Just had to have'm ya know.


I have been wanting to go to the NFR since the first time i heard about it just a couple years ago. I Made it this year. It was great fun. Drove up with EMily, met up with Ashley and LIz. All people from my first year at BYUI! HEre are a few videos for your enjoyment.

The above event looks the funnest. I would SOOOO love doing that. Both Liz and I remembered the BEST FHE we had where we were put in a coral with a bunch o calves. If we could get the tag off their ear we got jerky. I was so excited because I was poor and couldn't afford jerky. WE jumped in the pin and I pounced on a calf, only to miss it and have another litterally run over my head. I got ahold of the next one and had him in a head lock when some scrawny kid took the tag!! I was the one holdin the cow and the jerk stole my tag and the jerky. Needless to say...that was the best FHE EVER!!!! Cow wrestlin is not easy.

Then there was the team ropin. So cool. The winning team roped in 3.3 seconds!! AMAZIN!!

There were more events but I don't have time to put them up quite yet. Just know that it was a Blast!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WE all know

NO need for words..we all know how I feel about this...........

I adore it!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

OOOOHHH the christmas tree

WE had a christmas tree takedown. It was quite the event. You will need your speakers for this one. Sounds more like we are all in labor .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kid Little devours

This is the niece I named KID LITTLE. Check out the way this kid pounds her yogurt.

Finished the Mirror!!

Here is hte mirror/opens into a jewelery box I bought off KSL for 60bucks!! I was wayyyyyy excited

Here is me sanding it. You can tell I am a respiratory therapist cuz I always cover my airways and keep my eye fully exposed. The good news is..this gave me the perfect reason to buy a sander!! I heart Power tools.

And here she is... all done. Not a good pic but I am too lazy to do a better one. You can't see the distressin I did on I took the next shot.

And here is a closeup of the distressed lookalike painting I did...this was my first time doing it and it's kinda scarey but so cool when done. I read about how to do it on a blog for 10 minutes the night before and just HAD to try it out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Writem downs

Just decided to blog a few things....Writemdowns as I call them. Don't ask what that means cuz even I don't know.

1. I literally feel guilty when I spend money. I am getting better at it and it doesn't last as long but I do feel guilty when I buy things I want,and I pay a lot for them. That is why I must get a good deal on I don't feel guilty for it in the end.
2. When I get really stoked for something I squeel and shake like a cold chill when nobody is looking.
3. For some reason my sister BOBO is a natural laxative to me. Whenever she calls on the phone, I will have a bowel movement...doesn't matter if I am at work or home.
4. When I binge and I start chowing down on tons and tons of junk food, half way through I feel guilty. Most the time the guilt doesn't hit till the food is already in my mouth and I am eating it. So lots of times I will chew on it a bunch of times to get some the the flavor and then spit it in the garbage disposal.
5. I flex in the mirror
6. I hate using the treadmill at the gym because I can see my butt flap in the mirrors on the side....but I do it anyways...usually this is the vision I have before i spit my junk food down the the garbage disposal. LOL
7. I dream of a side business of restoring furniture and things for the home. And I always invision my friend JOJO as my partner. But I also fear that it would never work because I think I would want to keep everthing that I make and not sell it.
8. I am torn between the country and the city. I like thte city because it keeps me at an uptodate/state of the art hospital. But I love the country because it keeps me relaxed and at ease.
9. I fear being rich and fogetting my focus in life
10. My dream is the play the guitar and write music. I have always put it on hold however for school.
11. My most Favorite places to be are singing in a car, on a front porch swing, watching lightening or climbed atop a tree.
12. I also have always wanted to write childrens books...again, JOJO would be my illustrator in this dream.
13. I dream of owning my own house but am scared to commit to the city or the country.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Speakin of dreams

Speaking of dreams.....

I could use one of these...for Lucille to rest...and me to play.

OVERLOAD Project part 2!!

This is just part 2 of 3...all from funkyjunkinteriors or links from her site

Cute Cute christmas ornaments!!

An advent calendar from muffin Tins!!

This headboard

I am enthrolled with this curtain. It is a MUST..when I get the time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. LOVe it.

I also love the idea of this curtain. So simple and darlin

Overload of Projectness Excitement

I like the think I am creative..but the world wide life of blog has proved me otherwise. I can spend HOURS looking at the ideas of others. Here is just a few of the hundreds that are turning my mind and itchin to be done!

This ribbon holder

This ladder. I have been wantin to do this for 2 years now. Pretty sure I have enough 2x4 wood left from my dumpster dive!

I LOVE the backboard of this cupboard!!

This frame job

This wall stencil. I am obsessed with trees. Beauty, height and texture all rolled into one! That is why I love them.
PS items 1-3 were from my FAV site...funkyjunkinteriors.....items 4/5 are from shabbychic

Monday, November 30, 2009


SO a long time ago I heard the most perfect fairy tale story EVER! I say it is the ONLY story that nearly provoked me to consider online dating...then just seconds later my pride returned and I cast the thought aside. I don't wanna type the whole story but these 2 met online. He is an Idaho rancher and he is over 5'10! This is how he proposed to her!! SO JEALOUS!!!!

And after seeing this picture and hearing the story I am pretty sure I am NOT EVER getting married...cuz this chick took the guy that was supposed to be mine. Thanks alot dumb girl.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Falllllll Creation

This is ONE o my favorite is a tree that I made and I decorate it for each season as the centerpiece on my table. Up until recently it was just some silver branches that i stuck in a vase. I have been meaning to make it look more tree like and it suddenly came to me one day when I was takin the trash out. "hey, this martinelli bottle is the perfect height! So I used a little creativity some paper mache and here is how it turned out!!

SO yesterday I was feeling the need for some fallage and so I went out and gathered some leaves for the tree.

And here it is. I promise it looks better on the table but I am no lighting expert when I comes to pictures.

PS I am back from AFrica...check out my fecebook for some safari pictures and such!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another super cute somethin somethin

These are just too cute and easy to make!!

IF I had a kid....

Came across this picture on some ladies blog and FEll in love!! I think it is the most perfect picture momment. Anyways I thought the little girl was so cute.A girl in a CAPE! How perfect!! I am all about letting kids dress however they want and be as creative as they want.

SO I scrolled down to see some more pictures.... and came to this one, THIS one confirmed it...this way the kid I was supposed to have....LOL. NOte the shoes on the wrong feet and all!

Except this will probably be what my kid will be wearing in family pictures!LOL

Monday, October 19, 2009

IN case ya haven't already heard.....





SO ya, incase ya didn't hear...I am leaving to Africa again on THursday. This time I am going East to KENYA!! Way excited. I signed on with the Neonatal Resuscitation Team with the church. So we are going over there to train village midwifes, healthcare people, nurses etc. I am sooooo excited. Leave thurs, return NOV 1st. OOOHHH so many good pictures to come!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

OH the beauty!!

Found this lady's blog last night and was in AWE her ideas!!! And she loves old barn wood just like me!!!
THis one she does a stepbystep on how to make your OWN!!!

Thought this was pretty creative and cute.

This I fell in LOVE with..I must have a fence on my wall.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HaLlOWeens Doings

I DOOO love Halloween the sad part is that no one seems to enjoy it for the same reaons I do.....trick o treatin, making cool scarecrows for your porch....

It is days like this I wish I had kids because they understand what fun is. When I mention making a cool scarecrow to adults you can bet nobody thinks it is a fun idea. I find the same results with trick or treatin. Growing up is sooo over rated. But I vowed to never let it stop I made one alone...and LOVED it!!

Anyhow, this cool little guy cost me $2 for the mask. A WAY fun thing to do with kids. It will be a tradition in my house FOR SURE.

I created his eyes bug eye from some marshmellows and markers...but the best part can only be seen in the living room of the house.....

That is right...he even has a but crack!!!! This is my kinda scarecrow.

Recent DOingS

This was one o my fav new tablecloths I sewed. I LOVE it. By far my favorite.

A closer look at the fabric and you will know why

I figured this was so appropriate for harvest season and I kept it on my table for the last few months of summer till fall came.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Few more Halloween doings

I got this skull at Big lots for $8!! I immediatetly fell in Love with it because it is so anatomically correct for a decoration. The human body is amazing and this skull was the best I have seen.

This was a star my roomie Jillian Moge Poged with some craft paper. Also a fun kid project! I have seen them done for Christmas too and they are really cute.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009