Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Card

The year of 2011 has gone by all too fast. But given that we were both on the edge of being kicked out of the singles ward due to our dinosaur like age we decided we best grow up and get married. Some people fall in love…others suffer through years of parental lectures and eventually give in like we did. While we are not proud that our parents won… we are proud that we held strong for thirty years.

So now we are married and we live in a tiny basement home, we have much less money, we drive trashier cars, we have an empty fridge, no cable (which has nearly killed Richael), we auction our organs on ebay for rent money, and we have NO fun….and NOW our parents are happy.

Our parents thought they won the battle. But now they want grandkids. ( Jokes on them…. because we are planning on holding out another thirty years).

Merry Christmas !!


The new Hurless Family

(Richael and Ronnie)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tomboy i am

I am still a tomboy and I still enjoy grossin the sisters. So when I had surgery and pulled this little gem outta my nose I had to send them the picture text. Here it is....and may I say this was just one of MANY.
I saw in on my phone today and just couldn't help but post it. lol

Monday, December 12, 2011

college gotta love it

RIchael came home with this little gem yesterday!

All I can say is MAN I am so glad this is not me. (see below)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Richael suprises

Living with Richael has been realitively easy and even pleasant at times. Like when I come home and he has done laundry...or dishes...or cleaned the front room. Last night was one of those nights. I had been sick all week with a head cold and SO many things did not get done. I kept thinking I would be better the next day. Before I knew it..the week was nearly over ...I had to go to work..the house was on the brink of being condemned due to its state of disaster and I STILL felt like crap and my body oozed with snot. Needless to was a bad week that just got worse.

But this morning I got home from work and the house was assembled again. Laundry was done. Dishes were washed. I was soooooo happy I could come home and have a day of recovery before I had to go back to work. So I cuddled up next to my humidifier and relaxed while I coughed up phlegm.
It was about the time that I got up to blow my nose for the kazillionth time that I decided to bring in Richaels dish from the front room along my way and THIS IS WHAT i SAW!!! UTTER DISGUST!!

That is right....this was his cereal bowl...and his fingernail clippings to join. For some reason he just HATES to take them to the garbage and I am constantly finding them in places they should not be....and this was his latest and greatest invention.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next addition of "where will Richael try to hide his fingernail clippings next?" (previous chapters included on the coffee table, on the carpet, or under the couch..each time he gets a little more inventive.)

The Civil Wars, "Barton Hollow"

I posted about these guys before but few thing give me the chills as much as this song. Amazing. And now that I know how to post the video I can tell you about it again. No man and womans voices have blended so well. And I have NEVER heard music like this song before. So different, so old school so new. It is so chilling. If you prefer the acoustic live version they have it as well on CMT. TAKE THE TIME.. listen to this song. YOu won't forget it.

Taylors new video

ps THIS IS such a HUGE big deal..this is the first time I have been able to post a video on my blog fron the internet!! I am so proud of myself.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

surgery and bored out o my mind

So I had surgery....AGAIN...on my sinuses.  My sisters like to say I had a "nose job." My sister had me send her a picture and this  just seemed to capture just how I felt this week.  I am still pretty drugged when I took this picture... think my right eye went lazy in the picture.  But ya...this is how I felt.

I was told not to eat after midnight. I FREAKED!  I had just gotten through fasting on Sunday!! My Surgery was not until 4:30 the next day. They tried to settle me by telling me that I could have liquids up until 10am.  I knew the risk of aspiration but I also knew that they were giving me generic precautions.  I knew that I didn't have some old lady metabolism so I ate that morning around 9:30.  Just a small candybar....and the noodles to my chicken noodle soup..and my gum.  There was NO WAY they would still be in my system by 4:30..they would be half way through my colon by then.  Which is why I HAD to eat ...cuz if i didn't I probably woulda died of starvation before I even made it to the OR table.  At least that is what i told myself as I was rebelliously eating myself happy. 

  I was told no exersize for 10 days. (My most dreaded words of might as well tell me that I have to go back to dating again ... or I have to give birth naturally to a HORSE...or I have to stop eating chocolate..all equally as painful in my eyes.) So the next day I went for a much needed few miles WALK.  Richael chastized me. I reminded him that I was told no exersize...I was NOT on bedrest. Poor kid tried to keep me in line...but who are we s Me..RONNIE.

I bled out o my nose for 2 days straight.. I was SOOOO annoyed.  The first day I pulled a HUGE blood clot out o my nose.  (A respiratory therapists dream!! Its was so big and relieving). But then I bled like crazy. Richael made me promise not to pull any more clots out. I agreed......but than by day three my nose was all crustied with blood. I could feel big dried clots o blood in the back o my nose.  So while he was gone i got my hemostats and went to work. I cleared a good amount of DRIED blood clots out. I was finally able to clear myself a breathing path. 

Anyhow...that is my story and I am feeling sooooo much better today. 

But since i got nothing to do here are a few things that are worth the purchase. 

The wonder hanger.....It SAVED our marriage.  I have a lot of clothes...and NOT a lot of closet since the marriage. I tried these and they SAVED me from having to get rid of a lot of my clothes. 

IF you have ever seen these at costco...GET THEM!! They are amazing. Rather spendy but worth it!!! Its like a big bar o almond and dried fruit and nuts in the most delicous togetherness .  The are pretty filling as well.

I am a peppermint bark lover!! And DOVE makes one o the best!!

These milkshakes are SEASONAL at Chickfila...and how my goodnesstobetsy They are AMAZING!!
I had Richael get one for me when I wanted to slit my wrists because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. It was just what I needed and I was happy for the next 10.5 seconds that is lasted.  Then I wallowed in self pitty again.

I NEVER woulda tried these...but coworker wanted me to try one. And o my how pleasant it was !! I DO NOT LIKE chips so I never would have tried these otherwise. They are really good. I don't know if they are healthy or not..I am sure they claim to be. But they last a long time because they are individually packed with about 12 sticks per pack. Richael even tried it without gagging so you know if can't be too bad .

Monday, October 31, 2011

funny as hell

Richael and I just had this conversation and I am still laughing about it...

RONNIE:  Oh my gosh..look at what BOBO did to brooklynn for Halloween.  This is ridiculous.

Ten minutes pass and a disney princess commercial comes on and  I start to gag.

RICHAEL:  You do realize that if we have girls it is okay for them to play with princess toys and pretend to be princesses. They don't have to be GI Joe because you like it

RONNIE:  I am not saying they can't, I am saying I am not going to make them.  When they want to choose they can and if they want to be a cheerleader they can.....and I will roll my eyes.

RICHAEL: You do realize that if we raise our girls like you want to they are all going to be lesbians.


I was VERY disappointed in my costume this year. Wasn't RONNIE worthy so I didn't take pictures. But I did bring in a little Halloween fun. Richael came home from work and I put on a skanky bachelorette party outfit and then I beckoned him from the far room. When he got close enough I turned around and he got THIS as a halloween surprise.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PUMPKIN this year

I always carve a pumpkin. SO I just had to put up a quick post of my pumpkin this year. My inspiration is a UFC fighter. He has cauliflour ear.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it so wrong of me?

Is is so wrong of me if I want to have these around my house and mounted in the car for my kids? I think it is a brilliant idea.

People just laugh when I tell them this...but I am sure that after seein the convienience of it they will secretly want them for their kids too.
Just think of all the times your kid has come to you and said, "mom can you get me a drink." That is how often I WON'T HEAR it. I know...your jealous already.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Just had to put a shout out for a new run i just heard about...its called the FOAM FEST!! Its like the exact opposite of the dirty dash. You actually run through tons of suds and foam and bubbles. Sounds like so much fun!! I tried to post pictures but I won't let me copy any of them. You can expect to see OFFICIAL pictures of ME in it next year however.
Happens in September..happens in Ogden and Idaho falls.

Friday, September 23, 2011


So back when I lived with roommates.

We had this pair of thong underwear that would get passed around. Basically it was an ongoing prank where the underwear would show up in a random someones purse, cereal box, scriptures etc. Well one day I got the thong underwear and after stewing for a few days I came up with the perfect way to surprise the next recipient.....

I was absolutely giddy at the thought. I couln't wait to see the expression of ther person who got it next.

You would think the hardest part would be gettin the thong to fit in the cupcake...but the hardest part was NOT looking suspicious when I randomly made a batch of cupcakes..."just because." (cuz they all know I HATE HATE hate to cook). So I did what any girl would do and I blammed it on a wierd period craving. Then I left them on the counter for free reign.

ANd then it took FOREVER for them to get eaten. For some reason everyone in the house was being "good" and not eating junk. Until seriously EVERY cupcake had been eatin except ONE!! Ya...ONE left and of course it was the ONE with the thong in it.

Till one day it was gone and the last person to take it was Britney...she took it to work. I was so excited to hear the story when she came home. But when Britney came home that story. So I gave it one more day. Perhaps she was saving it for the next day and it was still at work.
Or perhaps she gave it to a co worker!....or a client!... or her boss!!! Oh how I laughed and laughed at the thought. This could be even BETTER than I planned!!!

After the second day and no word I cornered Britney and after some prying she admitted that she did take the cupcake to work and got the surprise of a life time! lol. She said it "made her day."

And to this day..the legacy continues and the thong underwear is still in full force being passed around but I doubt anyone will even be able to top the legacy of the thong that I left behind.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Don't know if you have seen the previews for the show Whitney on NBC but I am so excited for this show. I laughed so hard at the previews. It starts tonight.

One o the previews came on and Richael mentioned how excited I was for this show. He says it is because I AM Whitney. Lol. THen I watched some more of the previews and had to laugh because I am so whitney in so many ways.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


FAVORITE FLOWER: DAHLIA So I planted some in 3 planter boxes and I painted and decored so I could have some form of plant life at the new place. I actually wanted to grow my own flowers for my wedding but they came around MUCH too late.

So I go to my planters and only ONE of the three has buds. This really errked me cuz they had 100% miracle grow dirt and lots of watering care on my part. The kind where I get into bed, (fully tucked mind you) and than I would remember I hadn't watered them and get OUT OF BED to water them.

So yesterday I was mad....Only ONE of the THREE planter boxes has buds on it. I decided to put my foot down right then and there. So I stopped watering the other two planters. I decided I would teach them lesson. They don't produce flowers...and I let them die of thirst and sortch to death....that will show them.

Monday, September 19, 2011

T M I for Facebook

I know this is tmi for Facebook so I am putting it here. My favorite time o year is here stomachly speaking because the peaches are in season. I love them. I love that my in laws have four trees. I love that I married someone whose parents have free access to unlimitedness of them.

I love them so much that the repercussions of eating an overdose of them is worth it. Needless to say I am guaranteed a raw rear this next week and I am looking forward to it. I will look like the kid above, except I will have a smile on my face.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving up on decorations

Just for the record...I am giving up the ghost on decorations. I had started collecting them while I was single assuming one day I wouldn't be able to. Well that day has come. I got out my fall leaves last week and looked around the house only to realize I had no place to put them or decorate. These were my options

The bedroom ( then again, what is the point?)
The coat rack ( that looks ridiculous)
The kitchen table ( get in the way)
The couch ( I am getting desperate)

So ya..the only place that exsists is around the tv. I had to laugh. I really should post a picture of it. Pathetic, but I was desperate to celebrate a little seasonal goodness. I think I need to just come up with a seasonal screen saver to put on my computer so I can enjoy the seasons and have room for it. Beause lets be honest..the only room we have in our aparment would be about a megabites worth. lol

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conversation of sorts

HIM: You are OCD

ME :No I am not

HIM: Ya You are

ME: No, I admit I like things clean but that doesn't mean I am OCD

HIM: YOu can't even go a second without thinking about it

ME: That is because I know if I don't do them soon they only get worse! Things don't just clean themselves ya know, they pile up.

HIM: Yes they CAN clean themselves......when the rats carry them away.

ME: Oh sick.

A much needed how to book

I saw this on one o my fav blogs....I want it. How am I kidding...I NEED IT! That is right...I NEED IT. My creative bones stop cold when it comes to my hair.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Benefits of a boy roommate

There are benefits to having a boy roommate. For instance.....finding THIS little number would not had been nearly as fun when hung on the fridge when only girls live in the house.

I found it as work and hung it on the fridge at 8am on 8/28 and just waited.

8/28 at 11:30 text from Richael : What the hell is with the vasectomy pamphlet on the fridge?

My response: I was at work and passed by it and saw how happy the couple on the pamphlet were. I wanted to know what their secrect was and I wanted to be that happy so I picked up the pamphlet. I think you should think about it babe...scalpel can't be THAT bad.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

you know those days

There are those days that you have.......
When you are cleaning and hidden between the couch and the wall is THIS secret stash.

and you are surprised to find yourself HAPPY to find him eating wheat things rather and granola bars rather than a mountain dew. At this point you know you have a tainted thought process and you wonder if you will ever be sane again.

Then there are those days when you make a great crafty FREE plastic bag holder to contain about fourty plastic bags out of an old nylon and he looks at it and says... looks like your vericose vein babe.

And those are the days that you don't feel bad that he is driving around in this

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Honeymoon

I was bad..I didn't take many pictures but here are a few.
So despite my money worries, Richael insisted on a honeymoon getaway...Cancun to be exact. It was great. Getting away always is...

...especially when it means you get to see one of the seven wonders of the world!!! Chichan itza!!

And here we are in our bus....a four or six hour bus ride ONE way.

More pictures of Chichanitza

And here is Richeal in the geeky tourister hat he had to buy to keep from roasting himself.

These are just a smidgeon of the buildings and ruins that we saw. IT was crazy. This place wa HUGE and the buildings never stopped.

YOu know those cheesey pictures room mates take when they dress the same...well...we have the same problem. All to often we are matchee matchee. And it looks oh so Cheesey Cheesey.

This is Richael sleepin

This is Richael awaking just enough to realize his picture is being taken.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

welcome to living with ronnie

Standing in the airport on our flight home from the honeymoon. I am standing in line and I am rather obvious because I am the only one standing in line doing full
body stretches, lunges etc before I board the plane.
A lady I have never met before comes up to me and says,"Do you have some toiliet paper"
I think this is the strangest thing for her to be asking me for toiliet paper in the middle of the airport. So I say to her, "excuse me?"
She gets a little closer to my face and says, " I don't mean to embarass you, but you have toilet paper hanging from your pants." At this point I realized she was never asking me for toilet paper but telling me that I had some..hanging...from my pants.

Richael does a check for me and sure enough he pulls a few sqaures of toilet paper out o the back of my pants. I start busting up laughing. This is my life..these are the kind of things that happen to me. And now Richael has to take part in the embarassment. I just can't stop laughing at the thought of me stretching in line with a tail o toilet paper waving in the wind behind me.


I continue to laugh as we board the plane and Richael says to me...there is probably more..I just pulled what I could and it broke off. So I went a digging and pulled MORE toilet roll from my pants...still laughing. NOt sure where to put I saved it so I could take a picture.

Most people would be MORTIFIED at this...but this sort of thing is not so bad for me. I once had a toilet seat liner hanging from my pants. This was so much better. lol.

I hope people didn't notice it flapping from my back when I passed gas...THAT would be embarassing. lol.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Two bands that I HEART HEART HEART enough to blog about at 5am...

The first is one o my favorite singers...MIRANDA LAMBERT who joined forced with Ashley Monroe and another girl. Ashleys voice is gorgeous and like no other very airy sweet twang. She did a duet with Ronnie Dunn a few years back (which just goes to show how good she is). Anyhow...Miranda pulled these girls together to to form the group PISTOL ANNIES. They blend so well and of course any song by Miranda has got just enough girl sass and their first song is called "hell on heels."

The second band is a guy and girl called Civil Wars and their voices blend so beautifully. They show how much inflection can have effect in a song in their song Barton Hollow. I am addicted to listening to this song. This song is also way old school country haunting but a great upbeat background.

Perhaps I will get savy enough to update videos...but you can't just copy paste a link anymore apparently. Sorry. I guess the only good news is that you can still copy paste the pictures!! But believe me...they are so worth looking up. CMT.COM is a quick reference to use. AMAZING!!!