Thursday, July 18, 2013

Me: Did you just fart? It smells in here

Him: Ya.....sorry.  I did it a while ago

Me:   Well it is still VERY much here

Him: YOu mean you don't like it? I was hoping if I kept them quite and on the down low you would eventually acclimate to the smell of my farts.  Then when it didn't smell you would think...hmmmm something is missing.

"youve got vision"

Richaels friend was recently over and helping him unload the rusted chevelle without a rear differential out of the back of a trailer. 

Randy says to Richael with a sigh while looking at the rusted out old car , " I gotta say've got vision."

I pipe in, "Ya,  I am pretty sure that is how we ended up married.  I was an ugly old thing but Richael had vision. "

Richael says, " Ya, except no one warned me about the exhaust leak when it came to you."