Monday, October 31, 2011

funny as hell

Richael and I just had this conversation and I am still laughing about it...

RONNIE:  Oh my gosh..look at what BOBO did to brooklynn for Halloween.  This is ridiculous.

Ten minutes pass and a disney princess commercial comes on and  I start to gag.

RICHAEL:  You do realize that if we have girls it is okay for them to play with princess toys and pretend to be princesses. They don't have to be GI Joe because you like it

RONNIE:  I am not saying they can't, I am saying I am not going to make them.  When they want to choose they can and if they want to be a cheerleader they can.....and I will roll my eyes.

RICHAEL: You do realize that if we raise our girls like you want to they are all going to be lesbians.


I was VERY disappointed in my costume this year. Wasn't RONNIE worthy so I didn't take pictures. But I did bring in a little Halloween fun. Richael came home from work and I put on a skanky bachelorette party outfit and then I beckoned him from the far room. When he got close enough I turned around and he got THIS as a halloween surprise.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PUMPKIN this year

I always carve a pumpkin. SO I just had to put up a quick post of my pumpkin this year. My inspiration is a UFC fighter. He has cauliflour ear.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it so wrong of me?

Is is so wrong of me if I want to have these around my house and mounted in the car for my kids? I think it is a brilliant idea.

People just laugh when I tell them this...but I am sure that after seein the convienience of it they will secretly want them for their kids too.
Just think of all the times your kid has come to you and said, "mom can you get me a drink." That is how often I WON'T HEAR it. I know...your jealous already.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Just had to put a shout out for a new run i just heard about...its called the FOAM FEST!! Its like the exact opposite of the dirty dash. You actually run through tons of suds and foam and bubbles. Sounds like so much fun!! I tried to post pictures but I won't let me copy any of them. You can expect to see OFFICIAL pictures of ME in it next year however.
Happens in September..happens in Ogden and Idaho falls.