Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coming along

The house is coming along. A little at a time. Next project is curtains. I just barely finished this stencil in the small hallway.  Richael and I picked out the yellow and Richael painted all the yellow while I was at work a few weeks ago.  It is crazy how much brighter and cheerful it is just with the change of paint on the walls. 

Paint is quite easily one of my FAVORITE things because it is so cheap and can just changeup things anytime I feel like it. And recently I have felt very bold. Go with colors other people would never dare to put together. But I love it, it adds challenge

I just knew I had to have orange in the hallway but I needed texture I couldn't just do flat orange.  And as it turns out we had this leftover green paint leftover so I just used it.  I could see it working nicely in my mind and because my mind did not want to go to the paint store and get another color.  I mixed up a bunch of oranges/corals to get the color I wanted.  I am loving it.  ( however I was NOT loving it when I was doing that measely little stencil. Stencils are not forgiving.).


I used to have a binder full of all the things that I love and now I am transfering them to my pinterest account and getting rido the binder.  Here are a few of the houses that I saved over the years.  The bottome one is my favorite. So old yet new looking.  Obviously I don't know how to rotate the picture quite yet.