Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IDAHO AND WYOMING...where I belong!!

SO me and Shayla and Dave all made a long due visit to see our dear friend KRIS in WY!! It was so perfect and serene. When we drove home and hit the Utah sign I screamed out, "NO TURN AROUND, DON't Make me go back to UTAh." I don't know why I am in UTah and not Idaho. But here are some of the most majestic and beautiful places captured via camera Shayla. Few things can make me cry, but honestly these sort of country sites make me more homesick then you could ever imagine and it makes me want to ball my eyes out.

and more pics from the place i LOVE

Here is the silo Shayla climbed...she was so proud
Here is the creek that we believe the Rockefellers had gold hidden in
Here is a beautiful barn

More ID and WY pics

Here is the bon fire we had with about 20 palllets

Here is KRIS and some of the new firends we made
Here is what eating Buffalo will do to your bowel movements
Me and Shayla

Here is a historic barn in the tetons


sO like i said, you know you are in idaho when you see this.....

My friend asked, "why would anyone do that and carry it around?"
My answer, "are you kidding...that moose is total social status here in Idaho, it is the equivalent of a mercedes benz or jaguar in utah."

THE Raftin trip from 2 months ago!!

HERE IS THE GROUP OF US..IT was SO fun..please notice that the majority of us are sopping wet.
And here is sara post falling out. The entire raft of people fell out and we all hung onto the raft or climbed in. Sara however swam for shore and we had to paddle back to shore, send Tara to retrieve her and bring her back to the raft.
HEre is a bug that was in my hair when I was sleepin
AND HERE is a very interesting way to sunbath...brought to us by sara...strange girl....I didn't invite her.
HEre is the raft that we had to put top the car when our truck keys were lost
HEre is the view from the windsheild after we put the raft on....like looking through a peep hole!
So I WOULD have had these pics up sooner, but a certain someone found a boytoy and has just recently (after much announance by myself) sent these pics from the trip. SO here are the ones that I have. NO hard feelings unnamed person I will call ERICKA for purposes of concealing identities.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh the things we say...and i am so clever

I have my days I admit it. Where i have given up on love and finding the "oh so special person" that you can't imagine ever loving because you already hate them for not finding you sooner. And the other day I was having such one of these days and I just came up with this clever little comment I just had to record. I was talkin to my friend ERIN.
ME: Ya well when I get married, I mean IF I get married then bla bla bla (can't remember what I said).
ERIN: What do you mean IF you get married?
ME: I mean IF Erin! I mean just what I said! History has a tendency to repeat itself and I am already 27 years into it. If it repeates itself again chances don't look so good, I will be 57!!


Most the time when you see girls of my age in a bed like this it is because they just had a baby. Well, not the case here I am far from that, I haven't even made out in years (not so interesting nor surprising sidenote).
But what is the case is that i finally had sinus surgery! A much needed fix to my every other month misery of suffering from sinus infections. They basically go in my nose via port of my nostrils and burrow our my sinuses and then take out my crooked septum and crush it down to make it straight and put it back in. I highly recommend youtube for a full length video so that you feel really sorry for me and send chocolate. Anyways, here is what I did this week.

Recovery could have been worse but it is miserable for sure. My face felt like a train wreck. Dry blood and metal plates crammed up in my nose. I haven't been able to breath through it. My face got all swollen along with my nose. And I am pretty sure you could turn a semi truck around on top of my nose today. Needless to say no public appearances for now, and if you do see me you can bet I will run away ...or just pull my shirt over my head.

Beware of the ice blocking train

So here is one of the latest from a little ice blocking dilly that I went to. As soon as I got there I joined the group on the tallest hill and the longest train and I was on the back end of the train. What happened is that the front of the train hit a dead stop and the back of the train fish tailed to the front and then just barrel rolled from there, people, ice blocks and all. My shoulder (see below) somehow too most of the impact. I thought it was kinda lame cuz I got right up and the girl who ROLLED OVER ME laid on the ground and milked it like she was in pain. I would like to see what she has to offer in terms of battle wounds. Girls are such wussies.

SO now I have a scar on each shoulder....one from ice blocking and one from alpine sleds. My need for speed seems to be takin a toll on my subcutaneous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

O the lost journal entries and what they reveal

So I had to laugh and say a prayer of thanks that I didn't get married young because as I was reading an old journal, I came across this little entry entitled something to the sort of " WHAT I NEED IN A BOYFRIEND." So here it is, my list when I was 16 of what I was looking for and thank goodness I didn't find it.
1. SKater type boy
2. In a PUnk band
3. Tattoo on deltoid
4. Earing on eyebrow or lip
5. Going to college
6. Six pack abs
In short...this is what I was looking for