Friday, January 27, 2012


I love the things that Richael and I say.   I need to write more o them down.  Here is a funny from tonight.

RONNIE: Do you want some soybeans or are you scared they will make you less of a man. (he read that they have estrogen and lower testosterone last week).

Richael: No thanks, and  I am already less of man being married to you.

Ronnie:Whatever, you are MORE of man because of me.

Richael: Not so

Ronnie: Babe, without me you are just a thirty year old virgin.

Richael: Thirty year old virgins are way under rated.


Monday, January 23, 2012

more headboard inspiration

I debated if I really wanted to post these headboards on my post because it makes mine look less cool...but I just LOVED THEM.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fireplace Mantel gone headboard

So my bball friend Cindy was remodeling her home.  She had some beautiful crown molding she was throwing out and she said I could have it.  I decided I wanted to make a headboard out of it.  But then she called and said that I could have the fireplace mantel too!  Well as it turns out the fireplace mantel was the perfect size for a queen we used it instead. I thought I was the first to do it...but after I googled it I found out I was NOT the first. But It is our own design. I didn't see any others like it.

And viola!! With some help form the husband we got ourselves a free new headboard!! Yahoo!! I am sure I will eventually change the white color to a cream but given the size of our house I wasn't conducive to paint the whole darn thingl

And while I was at it I finished distressing Richaels dresser that I bought him off KSL before we got hitched. thought I would throw that pic in too. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Classic that should never be lost.

                                  Some pictures don't need captions.  Ronnie and Chewy.

McDonald Fam Christmas 11 part du'

This is what happens when ya leave Ronnie home to babysit your kid.  I was so proud of this.

Pretty sure that Richael got a little jealous of all the attention I gave brooklynns mohawk so he made his own.

Family is family...and we share underwear when we are in need. Here is Chewy in Kris's high fashion granny pants.  I said...ya its so big you could tuck your sweater in it...and so we did. 

 This is Kris broken finger. Nearly peed my pants laughing every time I saw it.

And here is Dads broken toe.  It can pretty much move around like a pull'n peel twizzler candy.

Here is Chewy in her ugly sweater and the matching ugly Christmas socks I got her for Christmas.  Complete with the eighties ponytail and side laugh. We should have tucked her jeans in.

I put Brooklynn in this oversized oldmans shirt.  Bobo hated it because it makes brooklynn look like a man.

I also gave Brooklynn this African updo. 

So long story short Christmas was fun but the funnest part was reliving my childhood  and playing dressup with dolls.  Except Brooklynn was the doll. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with Family

As we all know..I work...and I only get to be with my family for Christmas every third year due to my work schedule. So I was SO HAPPY to finally be with the family for Christmas this year after year of waiting. I have more pics but here are a few favs.

This is Mia and me...and our rocking gingerbread house. Complete with dog, doghouse, christmas tree, tree and skateboards.
This was an attempt to get a "grandkids" pic. This is my favorite one . Chewy snapped it just in time to capture the momment.
And THIS is my favorite .  Bobo and Andyroo left to shop.  I was alone with thier kid and I just couldn't wiat to do THIS to their kid.  Say hello to brooklynns MOHAWK.  (you can tell by the smile she loved it)