Monday, January 19, 2009


Both Chewy and I are addicts when it comes to creating the perfect ginerbread house. We can create for hours on end. And this year was no different. I went and bought a bunch of supplies and the games began. Everyone was in couples....except me and Chewy...we were each others couple.

So both Bree and I were set on a victorian home but we needed a very high pitched roof and had not the materials necessary to do i threw a bunch o pieces o gum at Bree and said "START CHEWIN." And within ten minutes we had a huge nasty druely wad of pink ooze gum to set atop our victorian house.

Here is the completed victorian house project. Please note the front left roof to made entirely out of chewed gum by yours and Chewys truely. ALso the surrounding M&Ms are Christmas lights hung by none other then Chewy.

Of course no house is complete without a here is the cherry topper....the barn...complete with wheaties haystack, pretzel ladder./fencing and of course the tootsie roll wood pile.

Here is me and Chewy...proud new owners of the gingerbread house to beat!

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