Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Another one of my absolute FAVORITES artists...KELLY CLARKSON!!

Gotta put a shout out for this girl. She is the best of the best without a doubt. Her album was supposed to come out on the 17th but the good news is that it is release TODAY!!!!! So go buy it.....only $ 9.98 at Target or Wallyworld. I already bought tickets to see her in concert and as soon as I get off work I have a hot roomie morning date with Gentry to go go buy it.

HERE is the site for her new music video: http://www.kellyclarkson.com/


Shayla said...

as much as I love Kelly...that album picture sure scares me!

RONNIE said...

ARE you kidding me!! This isn't the cover of her new album....but it should be. I love it.