Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Julies Bday

It know it is a wee bit late...but here is the pics from JULIES 40th birthday party.

JULIE with some candles to blow out

Here is us with the birthday girl...please note that she is fashioning the birthday sash I made her

Remember that wood that I posted about that I pulled out the dumpster...well I found another use for is a big screen for outdoor movies.....Genty says we need to shadow dance behind it...stay tuned for those pictures!!

The big screen turned out really really good and we watch IRONMAN on it that night for the party. It was way fun.In case you couldn't tell by my face I was just a little bit excited at how well it turned out! We should be recieving a trampoline this week as well to finish off the outdoor movie experience!!

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Kimberly said...

It is very difficult to read the words when you have that striped background! Don't deprive me of knowing what is going on in your life!!