Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lava Float

This weekend a group of us went to Lava ID to float the river. Here are a few pics.

Most people go down the left side of this...we went down the right. Didn't know what we were in for. Apes hit her head. I cussed when I realized what I was in for. Bobo and Andy fell into the big rock on the right

Most people don't put in you can guess who was the first one down in the group!! Yep...ME!!! i have to give credit to everyone in the group who went down...but 90% wimped out and didn't take it the second time. I did, and Andyroo and Bobo. Andyroo fell out and hit his back on a rock.

Here is a little group picture of the all of us.



Miller Family said...

so I am thinking that it was better than white water rafting! :) I mean sounds like you were HUMAN rafts with just about as rough of a ride! :) HA

Betsy said...

Nice cleaveland Ronnie!! Woo Hoo!!

RONNIE said...

Ya...some people use photoshop to cancel out blemishes...I use it do draw in cleavage.