Sunday, October 18, 2009

OH the beauty!!

Found this lady's blog last night and was in AWE her ideas!!! And she loves old barn wood just like me!!!
THis one she does a stepbystep on how to make your OWN!!!

Thought this was pretty creative and cute.

This I fell in LOVE with..I must have a fence on my wall.


Miller Family said...

ooo ooo I really love the first and the last one! The middle one is SO you too! how fun! :) thanks for sharing. I will copy! :) he he

simplysarah said...

Girl what are you doing living in a city???? You belong in sompeplace like Bozeman. Which, by the way, is one of my favorite places, so I'd totally visit you.

Shayla said...

where do you find these amazing, time-wasting blogs??

RONNIE said...

To sara...BOZEMAN? I will look it up. I am not sure why I am in the city either.... oh ya..higher population of men. When you are shopping for the best options you can't just hit a convinece gotta hit the mall. More choices..better outcome.