Monday, April 11, 2011


So as I am sure as most people know I got engaged this week. Figured I outta tell the story/post the pictures. So Richael picks me up Sat to take me to Maddock (my fav place to eat in the entire world). It is my birthday on the 14th and due to conflictin schedules he decided to take me out this weekend instead. So we go to Maddocks...I am on cloud nine eating the most wonderful steak and we chat it up and enjoy ourselves. Before we left the house he also told me to bring warm clothes. I thought to myself..proposal for sure. And I figured that he would take me to Ensign peak because that is the only place we have actually hiked together. Sure enough he drives me right up to Ensign peak and we start our hike in the snow. Richael isn't the type to just bear the cold weather so I figured something was up. We hiked up to the top in about 30 min. The snow was up to our calfs and still coming down. When we got the the top of course we were the only ones up there. So we just talked and joked like we normally do. It wasn't until a good 15 minutes had passed that I realized he was NOT going to propose! I thought to myself....this little punk is just stringing it out!! He has NO intentions of proposing!! He knows EXACTLY what he is doing and he is just stringing my along!

So after I reached the above conclusion I just gave up on the thought. The fog started getting really heavy so we decided it would be best ot start heading back down the mountain. I turned to leave when I heard Richael call out my name, " Ronnie" he said. I turned back around and he was on one knee. I put my hands up to my face in surprise. Then he continued, " I have snow on my boots" and he dusted it off and stood back up.

YOU ASS!! I yelled at him. (yes I cussed at him) Then I gave him a two hand shove. Because this kniving little punk we just being a jerk and he VERY well knew it!! He was just leading me on! But I admit it was funny as heck and I was laughing my head off. We continued to joke and laugh as we walked back to the car.

By the time I got home it was 1220 and late so Richael said he was just going to drop me off. He walked me to the door step and kissed me goodnight. I walked back into the house and thought to myself....he did something to my room. Then I decided to stall just like he did. So I went to the fridge and dropped my leftsovers in the fridge and ate a few more delicious rolls EVER SOOOOOO SLOOOWLY. As I was eating I thought....I bet he is still in the driveway waiting for me to go to my room. SO I ran to the front window and peered through the blinds....but no car!! I was surprised and thought....oh well...I will just have to wait a bit longer to tell people.

So I walked up to my room..opend the door and gasped when I saw this. ....

Sixteen dozen roses all over my room. It smells SOOOOO good and it looked gorgeous!

I called him back on the phone to thank him. He said he was at my front door and I opened the door gave him a huge fat hug to thank him. His legs were shaking like crazy and then he got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes. THe ENd PS Special thanks to my roomies Shayla and Liz for putting all the flowers in my rooom while I was gone and making it look AMAZING. And another thanks to LIZ for making my bed for the picture. lol


John and Tawnya Hoover said...

Wheres the ring pic you jerk! leading me on like that! I wont congradulate you til you call me though!

Kristin said...

Congrats! Fun story!

Jayna said...

Congratulations ronnie, so excited for you! And gorgeous ring!