Monday, October 31, 2011

funny as hell

Richael and I just had this conversation and I am still laughing about it...

RONNIE:  Oh my gosh..look at what BOBO did to brooklynn for Halloween.  This is ridiculous.

Ten minutes pass and a disney princess commercial comes on and  I start to gag.

RICHAEL:  You do realize that if we have girls it is okay for them to play with princess toys and pretend to be princesses. They don't have to be GI Joe because you like it

RONNIE:  I am not saying they can't, I am saying I am not going to make them.  When they want to choose they can and if they want to be a cheerleader they can.....and I will roll my eyes.

RICHAEL: You do realize that if we raise our girls like you want to they are all going to be lesbians.


Miller Family said...

LOL FIRST i have to say that I will NOT let my girls be cheerleaders ;) That is one choice they can't make! Ok they can, but long before I WILL brian wash them against it. (Currently doing) :)

So are you a lesbian Ronnie? was dad right? I mean Richael should know.

just saying

Shayla said...

bahaha that's AWESOME!!