Monday, August 27, 2012

More Richael Handywork

This was before we moved into the place but you can see how ugly our fireplace used to be.

And thanks to Richaels handywork it now looks like THIS!! Its still not completely done...we still have a couple minor touchups we want to do. But doesn't it look SO much better!

And here is the little story behind it..... (how I got nearly everything for free).
My friend Cindy was remodeling her home. I mentioned how much I LOVED her crown molding and she told me they were getting rid of it!  I asked if I could have it and she said SURE. 
A week later I get a call from Cindy telling me that she forgot to tell the construction guys to save the molding for me and that it was all in the dumpster outside her house if I wanted to go get it.
Of course it was pitch dark outside when she called me so I strapped on my headlamp and went dumpster diving that night and pulled all the scraps out and loaded them in my car. lol.  It hung a good 3 feet outside my trunk.
Course this was LONG before we even had a house and so we stored it in our itty bitty basement home for 7 months. And as it turns was a good thing I hoarded that stuff for so long..we got a headboard and a fireplace mantel out of it!
Yahoo for rich friends who remodel their homes and handyman husbands!

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Rapid Blinds said...

The changes to the fire place looks great. I like the new design.