Saturday, November 3, 2012

halloween finishing up

 Thought I outta finish up with a few more Halloween pictures.  Here is the cool nylon mask the dollar store had.  Just have to say that the dollar store has some o the best decor for halloween.

 Here is my other pumpkin.  I was going to do the brain for hospital contest but didn't want to be too I did it for my front porch.
 Thank goodness for Shayla coming over on Halloween so I could split the important responsibility of handing out candy to kids on halloween as well as successfully scare them.  Turns out my coat closet opens up right to the front door.  Whey shayla said the code work "trick or treat" it ment the kids looked old enough that I could jump out and scare them.  And boy were they surprised. 
   There was one kid that I scared when I jumped out behind Shayla....turns out it was Richael.  He was in the neighborhood doing a delivery and stopped by... and I scared him. He threw his candy at me.
Here is a quick little shadow I made for our attic window.  Next year richael wants to put a red light in our attic.  That will be fun.
Anyhow..that is about all for halloween. SO sad it is over.  I was soooo glad I got to hand out candy but I am so sad that I couldnt go trick of treating. 


Ashlee said...

I LOVE all your Halloween shenanigans!!! And your costume was awesome :)

Shayla said...

We should have gone trick or treating anyway. Next year we know, after 7:30 we can leave. :)