Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why you should marry a tomboy.

 So HERE is the reason you should marry a tomboy...you get KICKA gifts from your wife. While everyone else is tryin to fake their smile while they put on their new sweater ....this guy gets to play with his new tools! 
  I got these jacks for Richael about 4 months ago and hid them in the trunk of lucille. It was so hard waiting till Christmas to give them to him. I was so excited!  Richael has been talking about these forEVER now and of course they are 500 dollar gift so he assumed he would never get them.  So much to his suprise....I got him some! ( for a quarter of the price of course...cuz we aient rich).
  Here is a the longer unedited video of Richasl 2012 Christmas gift.

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Miller Family said...

you are right he didn't have to fake at all :) the jumping up and down was so on his own :) kidding of course cause the gift rocked :)