Thursday, September 19, 2013

Loser is what I called him

I was asking Richael for some ideas on how to make my cardboard not look like cardboard. Richael: ahhh... I can't think of anything. Me: What about that plaster downstairs? Could I cover it with that? Richael: I don't think that will work. Me: Well theres gotta be Something!! RIchael : I don't know babe...I got nothing. I was not happy that he did not have a solution...he always has a solution..(even if you don't ask for one). Me: Seriously...nothing. This is so up your alley. RIchael: Sorry... nothing Me: (mummbling under my breath)....Loser. Then I decided to say it out loud.."you hear me...your a loser." It took notime at all for him to respond; he looked at me and smiled and said loudly, " AND YOUR MY PRIZE." " YOU THE PRIZE THE LOSER GETS."

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