Thursday, May 17, 2007


Tasha was recently telling me about her recent mission to teach Bree to drive. Apparently one car needed moved and so Tasha told Bree to do it.....not because Bree was capable of doing it, but because Bree was incapable of doing it....and because a jolt of unknown occurances bolt through ones body when you are the innocent passenger to Brees lacking abilities. It is a rush you never forget and quite frankily, Tasha thrives off it. It is what you do in a small town. And I admitt, when I took Bree for her first drive, I made her swirve inbetween the islands of trees in the church parking lot...not because she was capable....but because I knew she was incapable of that level of driving. It was quite entertaining.
So back to the story... Tasha told Bree to pull the camery out of the driveway so she could perform the never ending task of cleaning pineneedles off the driveway. Bree of course was nervous...which always makes for a fun ride. Bree got it the car and started it up while Tasha insturcted her from the side of her window. Bree said to Tasha..."It won't start." So Tasha told her to put her foot on the brake....that is when the car rose up like it was on a circus full of hydrolics and a loud and sustaining "VROOOM" filled the air. Tasha said the RPMs shot up to 5 and Bree freaked out and yelled over the 6 cylinder vroom, "WHOOOA What do I do?" Tasha had to tell the amature to take her foot OFF the gas (apparently a new concept to Bree). The worst part of the story is not so much that Bree didn't know the gas from the brake, but the fact that Tasha was teaching a fifteen year old Bree to drive....and Tasha has only had her license for 3 months....NOT a good combonation. If only my parents knew what their kids were up to, they could prevent thousands of their dollars from being wisked away in the form of wrecked cars and medical bills.

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