Saturday, May 5, 2007

What kind of M&M is this?

Bree has a problem….a rather embarrassing problem with her feet. Not only do they smell and have had a tendancy to grow fungus that can cut through a sock in matter of hours…..but they callus. They callus HUGE calluses. Calluses as big as a silver dollar and as thick as Texas toast.
So you ask…why the M&M picture? Well I was in church one day eating away at pieces of M&M when I came across a very noticeable intruder! What I felt inbetween my fingers , was not of the familiar smooth candy coated texture. It was a very different texture….it was rough, not smooth, hard like rock and shaped like a moon. Noticing a considerable difference in this odd shaped M&M I looked down in my hand to find that I was not about to eat an M&M…..but a piece of BREES CALLUS!!! Yes Ladies and gentlemen it was quite the element of surprise. I was so shocked that I took a second look wondering how this could be…but then I realized that I had borrowed Bree’s handbag for church and that this very much indeed was a piece of hardened flesh from the bottom of the most loathing feet God had created. I choked on my chocolately spit at the thought of what I almost ingested into my system and I nearly heaved over in disgust…but that quickly turned to humor at the uncanniness of it all.
So word from the wise….. Next time you are eating M&Ms and you think you just got an odd shaped one, take the time to carefully examine the possibilities.

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