Friday, October 26, 2007

THe LUGNUT solution

Recently talking to a friend about his swearing problem and possible resolutions.
I told him it was simple....and that I had a sure sure solution. THe solution is...
IT is that simple..every time you swear you just take one lug nut off your wheel and you are SURE To remember not to do it again...and if you do...that is one lug nut less and one more thought about your life being on the line. As the lug nuts slim down and the car gets a little shakey on the freeway you will suddenly realize that your swearing is a life or death situation. Suddenly you will be taking your swearing much more seriously and the habit is bound to cease. As a matter of fact...I am willing to bet that after a week of this your swearing habit will be gone. IT really is a simple resolution and it costs nothing. Sheer I like to call it.
SO you ask? HOw did I come up with this idea? I don't know...but I plan on using this plan on my sons....if they swear..that is one screw taken off the old bike..and if the swearing continues... and there are no screws left on the bike..then I take them off his younger sisters bike!! That will teach him just how much his swearing hurts others too!!

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simplysarah said...

Ronnie, you ARE a nut!