Thursday, October 18, 2007


Can I just put a little shout out for hte PBR!! I first got hooked on it with my good ol cowboy Dwayne from the mission. He was my redemption. He was the only person who knew just how life sucking it was to be with my bitty companion and so he would often take me aside to help him with projects. We would be on the roof fixing something or off in the barn shop fixing another something..all this time knowing together that these momments away from my bitty companion were the only momments of sanity I would get for a week or two. Often when we arrived I would find Dwane parked in front of the TV watching BULL RIDING. It was about this time that I became quite interested in the sport and Dwayne would explain to me how the bull riders where scored and judged. It was absolutely fascinating to me. I could watch it all day if I ever had the cable to do it.
So of course when I heard that the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) were coming to town I just had to get tickets.(although it was against my better judgement since it was sponserd by FORd...a proud sponser I do not endorse). ANyhow I went with my aunt and it was pretty much the most fantastic thing ever. I was in Cowboy heaven. Lucky for me we brought binoculars and my aunt Lynnae would point out to me the cowboys who were not wearing wedding rings...then my mind would wander to fairtale lands for momments at a time till another cowboy came to send me into another daze.
I am not sure where I am going with this other then the fact that I wanted to brag that i went to the PBR classic and it was freaking awesome!!! I had the time of my life and I just wanted to point out to the rest of you that you really missed out and you are idiots for not going. Where else does man take on an object that outweighs him by thousands of pounds and then attempt to ride it while aggrivating it to the upmost degree? Now if that isn't death defying and excilerating..I don't know what is. It beats all sports by far and puts a concussioned football player to shame! Then ontop of the back lashing beating add balancing yourself atop a bucking livestock with one arm in the air and suddenly the tight rope walker is a thing of the past. Then atop that you add the factor that a untamed beast from the wild is your opponent. That just adds shakes down the spine. No boys, you can't get out your play book for this one -the beast is unpredictable.... you can't pass the ball to your team mate- you don't have a team mate, its just can't call a time out-there is not such thing as a time out one the clock starts...and when the buzzer does go off the game is not over- you have to try to get away before the beast crushes in your skull!! This sport is by far the most intense sport ever and like i said, it puts all other to shame. THE PBR is where is it at...and I was there!!

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