Friday, November 21, 2008


Just has to quickly endorse a most exciting event that takes place this weekend...the UTAH CHOCOLATE SHOW!!!! Here are some reasons your should go....

(as if this picture didn't say enough to convince you)

tickets only 7 bucks

You can gorge yourself in chocolate

You can eat yourself sick in chocolate

You get free chocolate samples

There is lots of chocolate

If you get hungry there is lots of chocolate to eat

Fri and Sat only

I am pretty sure if you took all your samples home you coul bath in the chocolate

Chocolate is part of a healthy nutritious breakfast, lunch AND dinner

It is as the expo center
It is the best overdose you will every experience


simplysarah said...

ARE YOU GOING??? When? I want in!!!

simplysarah said...

I missed it. :(

RONNIE said...

Ya, sorry I just saw yer comment today.... too bad for me YOU couldn't come...yet somehow the chocolate tasted just as good as ever without you there!!