Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So this last weekend I had another rundown with the cancerous end of the Blue L.S.S. Her rear asbestos producing brakes needed changed. I tried to ignore the metal grinding noise and avoid putting any more money into her but I just couldn't stand to hear that aweful noise anymore. The other good news was that Noah was in town so figured I would put him to work as well.

I took this picture cuz I thought it as soooo funny that he had rubbed his face black with cancerous asbestos brake remains.

ANd he thought it was so funny that after I made fun of him he rubbed my entire face down with black cancerous remains as well.

ANyhow I was quite proud of our job and that fact that I had just saved myself a couple hundred dollars with my ol "figure it out myself technique." it was awesome, I totally have rear drum brake repairs down pat. I ROCK...and Noah does a little too....I guess. But for the record I could have done it all myself, but I didn't.


simplysarah said...

I would like you to be my mechanic, please. Next time I have car trouble, I'm coming directly to you.

Shayla said...

sick Ronnie, why do you have to put this mushy romance stuff on the internet? EWWWW

Miller Family said...

I can't believe that you didn't even put the whole story. The world should know. I so expect to see you delete this one as soon as you read it, but for the ones who get to read it before you do! :) it is all worth it!

So she failed to mention that during this she got mad at him for putting grease on her face cause she would "get zits" he replied how he never got em. She said AND I QUOTE "Nice to know that I married a Beauty Queen!" oh yes, and as much as she hoped her slip of the tounge missed his ear - and we aren't talking about kissin here - he replied, "Uh Ronnie, we aren't married yet."

RONNIE said...

Kris...YOU are DEAD!