Friday, August 28, 2009

The Kitty Trim

I love being an aunt mostly because I can seek revenge on Kris by way of her kids. There are few things better in life than this.
The most recent event was when I was in Arizona. Mia rounded the corner with her new stuffed kitty and it wasn't long before I had a most wonderful stew a brewing!!
It was just a simple suggestion. I said to her, " Mia, your cats hair is too long....I think it needs a hair cut." Mia disagreed with me and I made a few more suggestions knowing very well what I was doing. I just let the thought settle in her mind and a couple hours later this is what I you can tell Kris was not too happy about it

OH yes, I am brilliant, brilliant indeed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes you are a punk. And I am still bitter about it!
If she ever cuts her hair, or her sisters, I will sneak into you house after one of your long days, when you are dead to the world and I will rerun the favor!