Saturday, September 5, 2009

The latest Craze on Healthcare View

While everyone has to say their views on healthcare I just had to say one o my own views on it.

I think that a HUGE part of the expensive parts of healthcare could be reduced by allowing pharmacy companies the chance to keep a longer patent on their drugs. There are a ton of life saving drugs out there that cost 12 and 13 thousand dollars the second the bag is spiked. If we allowed pharmacy companies to keep their patent on drugs longer I think that would drive the cost down dramatically. I know that a HUGE chunk of hospital bills are the drugs. Companies spend millions of dollars to get a patent, to get the FDA to approve it, to do research on it, to find it safe for humans etc. The process itself takes a ridiculous amount of years and millions of dollars. Then the company finds the drug safe and effective and they have just a few years to make a profit off a drug that just cost them millions of dollars. It is not wonder that drugs and hospital bills cost so much. I really do think that if we allowed them more time to make a profit off their drugs it would drive down the overall cost of drugs and insurance.

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Interesting! Thanks for sharing.