Sunday, January 24, 2010


SO here is the jewelery box that I bought not to long ago off ksl. Killer deal!

I took it home and painted it..but I didn't like I have recently fixed it again.

And here is the final result. I downtoned the paint and added a little wooden embellishment atop to make it look older. I also taught myself how to paint distressed. This was the first time I tried it and I am just so darn proud of how is turned out. To see just how cool the paint looks double click on it. Big improvement And NOW I love it.


simplysarah said...

I thought this post was going to be about animal sterility.

But the jewelry box is pretty freaking cool too, as I know from having seen it in person!

Miller Family said...

I am jealous. This is what I want for my birthday. So keep looking on KSL. I can bring it back with me in march. :)