Friday, January 29, 2010

My "suck it up" list for my kids

So I don't know what inspired it...actually I was when I was pullin into the parking lot and realized how i never would have made the turn without powersteering when this thought wandered into my mind. I didn't have power steering till I was 28....and then the list EVOLVED.
So I stared early...I don't have kids but when I do...I have a whole list of "suck it ups" or "I had it worse then you" all planned out. Here is the list. Feel free to add some of your! LOL

I didnt have ac or powersteering till 28
I didn't have a cell phone till I was 26
I wasn't allowed to drive till I could change the oil
I didn't get my drivers license till I was 17 cuz we could only afford to have one teenager on insurance
Didn't kiss till I was 19
My Dad (aka stake president) interviewed/intimidated all my dates
Didn't get my braces till sophmore year and wore them all through the rest o high school
My Dad bought all my basketball shoes 1-2 sizes too big cuz he was conviced I would "grow into them by the end of the year." I didn't grow till I was out of highschool
We got new clothes ONCE a year b4 school
We didn't have sprinkler system. We had to move sprinklers every half hour around our 1 acre lot
We had to hand wax the van every year
I cleaned behind to door handles with a toothbrush on the cars
Pressure washed the the rain or snow...down to the road (a good quarter mile long driveway)
My parents said I "didn't have acne" so I never got to see a dermotologist..till I was 28
Swept a parking lot and stocked a cooler for money when I was about 10
When I was 12 I learned to run the register but my older sister was better at it so I still had to sweep parking lot
If we didn't put our bags in our rooms after school Dad THREW them off the deck. Papers flew everywhere and were often subject to sprinklers.
I was allowed to have ONE fried over a MONTH!
We were allowed to have a friends over for a birthday party every other year
My Mom washed my hair till I was 8 or 12 (help me Kris). She didn't think I was capable of "doing a good job."


Shayla said...

My parents didn't start giving the kids and "allowance" until I was out of the house. Still had to pay for everything on my own.

Miller Family said...

LOL I think that I can use most of those too YOu know. Umm the kissing thing was YOUR CHOICE so suck it up. (cause if you use that one on your kids I will say "well Aunt Ronnie didn't have to dress modest until she was 21! " (Thank you temple :)

How about We used to RENT VCR tapes and the VCR PLAYER and dad would bring it home in a suitcase.

We worked every single Christmas morning/afternoon.

We had to wax a boat that was older than all of us combined. We had to pay to fix the boat with our own mula.

I ALMOST didn't get to go on a school overnighter because they didn't want to have to say YES to Natalie~! (She was only like 9 at the time too!)

I think the hair washing was until about 9 or 10. Not 12 and not 8. :)

Your sister gave you a straw barrette . . . ;)

I have been DROP KICKED 2 times and only 1 time did I deserve it.

At age 9 my dad and I painted TAR HOT TAR all over the concrete walls for the basement. Took 1 -2 FULL days as i recall.

When I was also 9 my father had me and my 110 lb pregnant mother (and him) carry up a HEAVY and HUGE jaquizi tub up a flight of stairs. (with out any spindals/ralling I fell nearly a story to the ground. ) He still doesn't call people over to help him move stuff. :)

I didn't have my "own" car until I was 26.

Ronnie you had power steering before you were 28 because the toyota camary had it.
But if you don't think that counts then I didn't have power steering until I had 2 children! I didn't have 4 doors until I had 2 children!

I didn't have a cell phone until I was 31. I still don't have texting.

I don't have a car sitting in mom and dads house. And one at my own house.

Miller Family said...

Once I saved for 16 weeks for the toy puppy I wanted. because it was 16 bucks and we only could earn 1 buck a week. By the time I got to the store to buy it, it was on clearnance. )

I once pulled 809 canadian thistles for a penny each. (Everyone hated pulling them because they were so stickery. So I did. My mom stopped me at 809 because she didn't want to pay me anymore money.

I have worked 12 hour days in the yard. How? Well, my dad had a big SPOT light he would get out so that we could work until 10 pm. sometimes even 11pm. We did it all for a Hagen Dauze SP?

I didn't even have friends over once a month (until I turned 16) In fact i was invited over to a friends house "just to play" in 4th grade and I thought that was a majorly cool concept I had never experienced before. (except for every other year birthday parties. ):

Natalie said...

I can also use most of those... made me laugh by the way.

Here is my list:

When my husband asked for my hand in marriage, my dad asked, "Are you sure you know what you are getting into?" -And he was serious.

I married into $140K of debt just from my husband's grad school.

I was the middle child. So my older sisters played together (and hated me for 5 years for being the youngest) and then mom had two more sisters who also played together and then everyone hated me. (I can use past tense here, right?)

I am 2 weeks away from my due date and my days are often 11 hour work days.

I once lied about "running into a wall" because my dad knocked me upside off the stool and kicked me all the way up to my room for yelling at my mom. (I deserved it) The hatred from my sisters only got worse when the next FHE consisted of dad saying his spanking days were over because he shouldn't have done what he did to me and wanted to make sure he would control his temper. Grounding was then set in place. I remember Kristina specifically saying "Can I still just get spanked? -Sure it hurts real bad but at least it goes away faster."

I will forever be have the label of being the bad kid in the family who has a terrible temper. -Even though I don't have one any more, the McDonald family believes no one ever changes. ;)

Because my husband is 6'6" and has to by "expensive jeans" to be able to reach his shoes every four to five years, he will forever be the husband who spends money uncontrollably.

We had an awesome sledding hill that ended with a road with traffic going 50-60 MPH, a barbed wire fence or a bail out and a quarter mile hike back up the hill to go again.

I once got in a fist fight with Ronnie in the kitchen where she had me my the hair and was punching in the back of my head. I was blacking out and grabbed the nearest thing which ended up being mom's pan. I threw it at her and dented the pan. I ended up weeding the garden because I brought mom's stuff into it. Ronnie was old enough to drive so she just got in her car and drove away while I got yelled at for us fighting.

I once used mom's tanning lotion to draw a smiley face on my farmers tan when we had to wear cut off jerseys in middle school. (Does that count or just make me a dork?)

I got my permit when I was 15 but didn't get my license until I was 18 (for the same reason as Ronnie) -even though I took drivers ed which would have given us the discount.

I was told that if I didn't get Tasha more playing time, I was going to have to get out of the house because I wasn't respecting my dad and his opinion. I stayed at a friends house for a week trying to decide what to do.

In tribute to Grandma Heiner: her "suck it up" to me was when I was complaining about my period one summer, she told me they used to use rags. Her rags filled up on the bus on the way home and she was leaking all down her legs, in a dress during her walk home.

All in all, we had it VERY good. We grew up in a huge home, with parents who were willing to do anything for us. Although we might not agree with everything that took place, we have all turned out pretty darn good. I have a feeling mom and dad's "suck it up list" would wipe the floor with ours.

RONNIE said...

Actually that pan was thrown at me from across the KITCHEN. BoBO can vouch for me on that one cuz I had forgotten about it till she reminded me a year or so ago about the dent in it was from hittine ME and it all came flooding back. By the time we were old enough to fist fight I gave you three hits before I hit you back. And when I hit you and you blacked out we were in the family room. I will never forget your eyes rollin into the back o your head. YOu were NOT in a head was a full on hit to the back of the head from a boxed fist. I was shocked beyond belief..what were the odds.