Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nick Namers

Was at work last night and coworker thought he was so clever with calling me "scrawny ronnie." I told him that I have hear that one wasn't as new or clever as he thought. So i decided to write down the many list o nick names that I have been called over the years. Be sure to comment any others I may have forgotten.

Scrawny Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie Retard
Anna or Anorexica
Ronzilla (this was my fav..Megan called me it when we would play ball)
Snotty Ronnie
Ronald or Ronald McDonald
Old McDonald
Amazon Woman (this was my least favorite..thanks Sara).
Shy ROnnie


Miller Family said...

not sure how ronzilla and Amazon Woman are any different. . . :) Didn't Kelly K. have one for you like Big Mac or anything like that? I was Mickey D

You forgot SPENcER :) So anyone reading the comment Spencer is because she was bald till she was like 3 (Hard to believe I know) and my dad would flick her ears - so much they began to stick out. they would call her spencer after Spencer W Kimball the prophet at the time :)

I think Snotty Ronnie came from me. If you knew her before the nose job it was SO PERFECT.

I am pretty sure i have called you a HOE and Skank before too.

Jourdan said...

no way! Sandy for reals? you guys buying or renting? come on...just buy!

It's been ages since I've seen Apes. Bring her down and let's cook some love-hanldlin' bread!