Monday, May 24, 2010

Quiet books

SO Iknow they aren't perfect but I figure kids are just going to trash them anyhow. SO here are a few of the things i stole from others peoples ideas. The green one is just randoms and the grey one is my favorite because I farm themed it!! These aren't all the pages...just a few.

PIggy bank

Hatching Egg


I made up this one...gumball machine

Tree harvesting

I made this one too. This one is making the crops grow..they slide up on the string.

Lastly I made this little tractor one. Gathering hay bails and putting them in the tractor!! ANd of course the windmill turns.


Jourdan said...

you need a kid...ASAP

Feel free to borrow mine when so inclined.

p.S. Let's go to sushi together! Anywhere you particularly love? (I figured a frugal like you wouldn't have the guts to pay $9 for a roll!)

Miller Family said...

love the tractor one the most!

I am here thinking HUH. I could get a group together to do this like FHE swap - only we each repeat 10 pages and swap! How fun would that be! I will put it on my to do list. ;)

RONNIE said...

That is a good idea....but you should wait till I come down so I can take part of the partakings...or just let me send some up for he swap.