Thursday, August 5, 2010

College Singlehood REunion

Ash called up. She is on o the last of our diein breed of singles let from BYUI. Ot the 12 girls from the top of the A apartments there are only 4 left unmarried and we try to reunion when we can. My aunt was more than generous to offer up her cabin and ATV's for a much needed retreat.

Pictured above is me (with a sure where that came from)...Julie Ann and Shayla.

This is my an didn't take long for me to get bored being the back I made a great game of JOUSTING!!! They didn't see it coming till it was too latle and my branch was buried in Julie anns left buttock.

It was really fun...and we won of course.
Here is a little picture o the cabin Lynnae so generously left me the keys to.

And here is her Table and chairs that fall in love with over and over again every time I see them.

Long story short, we met up, I supplied the cookie dough and housing and entertainment and the rest of the girls just mooched off me. It as a greand old time!! Thanks for coming, Brit, Ash, Ja and Shay!!

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