Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NEw Fav Indulgences

SO I thought I would share a few of my new favorite indulgences

1.) ASPEN BREAD..tastes really good and hearty. Can buy 2 loaves at Costco for five bucks verses the ONE at great harvest.

MIMIS Carrot Raisn NUt Bread...I LOVE this bread from MIMIS, I actually CRAVE IT! So I just had to get the recipe. Thanks for recipezar I found it!! AND I was able to make it healthier.

From the first time I tasted this little numbers I LOVED LOVED LOVED THEM!!! THey were my special treat when I felt I deserved a splurge. They are super healthy and amazingly delicious, but not costly. LUCKILY they now have them at COSTCO!! It was a dream come true when I saw them last week. Pretty sure I cried a little out of happiness.

This is my new fav mascara. I have done the original mayballiene, the Max Factor but this one is the BEST. It lasts so much longer than the others. SOMEHOW it doesn't dry out as fast...and there are often LOREAL cupons in the mail.

Lastly I also have fallen victim to this little treat. I take it to work because I know I will burn most o the calories off.

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