Monday, December 13, 2010

Few thanksgivin pics

Here are a few more Thanksgiving pictures as promised.

This one was my MOM backflipped over the sink while BoBo washed out the baby oil she put in her hair. She thought it would help moisturize her hair...but instead she just looked like her hair had been rubbed in a fryin pan. It took everything out of me not to give her the spit yo-yo while she was in this vunerable position.

Then there was Mia who I helped get off to school in the morns so Kris could sleep in a bit. This is how she eatin in the morn still half alseep.

I also helped Mia do her homework after school.

And here is a picture o them on their razor scooters that Granny and Gramps bought for them. I wouldn't accept smiles for these pictures freak faces are so much better.

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Miller Family said...

love the freak faces. forward pictures please!