Wednesday, December 29, 2010

missin it

I know I am NOwhere as good looking as this girl....but she makes me miss my red hair.I am just curious from the people who have seen my new hair color..keep it? Go bright red again? Try Brown? Give me a vote.


Miller Family said...

actually I think you are every bit as pretty as her (she's not that pretty!) OHHH that sounded bad! :) ha ha! I am so making myself giggle right now! :) No but I kinda liked the red. But I think you should go just a HINT darker red than hers.

PPS get rid of the stinking word verification. NO ONE IS STALKING YOU!

Brooke said...

I haven't seen your hair these days...but I've always loved the red. It fits you. :) PS I castrated a pig last week while I was in Sequim, WA. I thought you might appreciate that.

Betsy said...