Friday, January 14, 2011


So I am not a big New YEar Resolutioner...but I do come up with small dumb things that I want to do on occasion.

Last years Resolution:
Rock the snowboard
Wear Perfume
Slow down life/no big trips
Learn Guitar

This years resolution:

Wear my seatbelt, and not just the cheat seatbelt..the WHOLE seatbelt
which includes the lap and chest restaint. I also have a goal to wear it
even while in the back seat....which I never do.

Keep playin guitar

Less projects/more time

1 comment:

Miller Family said...

HA! didn't do so well on last years did ya? :) Glad the lame no big trips isn't on this years ;)

and we will see if you ROCK the snowboard or not in March. Can you keep up with me on skis?