Wednesday, February 23, 2011

surgery and vday

SO had surgery on my delightful vericose vein a couple weeks ago. It was a funny experience. TO make a long story short they laser the main part and then rip the extensions out "like a bird pullin a worm outta the ground" as my doctor likes to say. Funny thing nurse didn't wanna give me many drugs because my heart rate was so low. So we stayed on a very low dose o drugs....but then I started to brady and my heart rate went to 40 and my blood pressure was 74\40 and she flipped. She had to raid the crash cart and give me atropine and then narcan. So I was wide AWAKE for most all of my surgery. It was a strange feeling to feel him pulling strips or vein out of my leg.

THe good news is that the recovery is not a big deal. Hardly any pain. The only complaint I had was that they told me not to run for 2 weeks. I of course played basketball 5 days later despite recommendations and me agreeing to do as they said.

Then there was valentines day. Funny thing. I was talkin to Richael and thought I worked on Valentines day....feb 12th. He informed me it was the 14th. Oh, well I guess we know how often I have celebrated that day I lauged. He replied, " Good thing we resolved this before hand because if the 12th would have rolled around and I didn't do anything for you, you woulda been ticked." LOL.

Richeals busiest day in school is Monday so I took charge since I had not worked in a week or so. I just did a little dinner. Steak of course, the favorite of both o us.

Both Liz and I told our BF's not to buy use flowers on valentines because they are overpriced. But our more than kind room mate Shayla got the boys discount flowers from the shop she use to work at and so scored this gorgeous bunch.

While I told Richael that he didn't need to get me flowers I did make sure to mention that Sees candies were a must. I gave him the list o the chocolates I wanted. Then of course Super great guy that Richael is, he bought the roomies JA and Shay Sees candies for Valentines day. I thought that was real sweet of him. But when I saw that he bought them a WHOLE POUND each I ate the candy I had bought for them and didn't feel the least bit sorry about it.

And then there was the every delightful ice cream cake my Dad send me every year for valentines. Delicious. I ate it for breakfast every morning for a week. And I probably would have done it for another week if it lasted past a week.
Needless to say I was not proud of myself for eatin an entire ice cream cake and a 1lb box of sees candies in a week.

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Miller Family said...

ha i read "gay guy" that he is. . lol. loved the christmas lights in the back to set the mood