Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The finger

Was on my way to the shop when Richael called to see "how far out I was...because he cut his finger." I knew exactly what that ment. It means it is a bad deep cut and he wants me to tell him if he needs to get stitches or not. I arrived to find this. He completely sliced through his finger AND the top of the nail. But I knew the ER would cost a butt load and we could probably do a little patching together to fix it. The next day I lavaged it and let it air dry before I glued it back together. While it was drying I wanted to protect it from getting hit ...and I came up with this ingenious contraption...the finger cone. It was designed after the well known dog cone. lol. I think I am so funny. Speakin o Richaels hands..here is a great one. We came out of the movies one day and his hand was completly BLUE. Couldn't figure it out how it got all blue. (picture below lacks actual blueness). The only place his hand was during the movie was on my leg..then we figured it out. I had new jeans...he rubbed the dye right into his hands.

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John and Tawnya Hoover said...

Thats some intense rubbage friend!!