Saturday, November 12, 2011

surgery and bored out o my mind

So I had surgery....AGAIN...on my sinuses.  My sisters like to say I had a "nose job." My sister had me send her a picture and this  just seemed to capture just how I felt this week.  I am still pretty drugged when I took this picture... think my right eye went lazy in the picture.  But ya...this is how I felt.

I was told not to eat after midnight. I FREAKED!  I had just gotten through fasting on Sunday!! My Surgery was not until 4:30 the next day. They tried to settle me by telling me that I could have liquids up until 10am.  I knew the risk of aspiration but I also knew that they were giving me generic precautions.  I knew that I didn't have some old lady metabolism so I ate that morning around 9:30.  Just a small candybar....and the noodles to my chicken noodle soup..and my gum.  There was NO WAY they would still be in my system by 4:30..they would be half way through my colon by then.  Which is why I HAD to eat ...cuz if i didn't I probably woulda died of starvation before I even made it to the OR table.  At least that is what i told myself as I was rebelliously eating myself happy. 

  I was told no exersize for 10 days. (My most dreaded words of might as well tell me that I have to go back to dating again ... or I have to give birth naturally to a HORSE...or I have to stop eating chocolate..all equally as painful in my eyes.) So the next day I went for a much needed few miles WALK.  Richael chastized me. I reminded him that I was told no exersize...I was NOT on bedrest. Poor kid tried to keep me in line...but who are we s Me..RONNIE.

I bled out o my nose for 2 days straight.. I was SOOOO annoyed.  The first day I pulled a HUGE blood clot out o my nose.  (A respiratory therapists dream!! Its was so big and relieving). But then I bled like crazy. Richael made me promise not to pull any more clots out. I agreed......but than by day three my nose was all crustied with blood. I could feel big dried clots o blood in the back o my nose.  So while he was gone i got my hemostats and went to work. I cleared a good amount of DRIED blood clots out. I was finally able to clear myself a breathing path. 

Anyhow...that is my story and I am feeling sooooo much better today. 

But since i got nothing to do here are a few things that are worth the purchase. 

The wonder hanger.....It SAVED our marriage.  I have a lot of clothes...and NOT a lot of closet since the marriage. I tried these and they SAVED me from having to get rid of a lot of my clothes. 

IF you have ever seen these at costco...GET THEM!! They are amazing. Rather spendy but worth it!!! Its like a big bar o almond and dried fruit and nuts in the most delicous togetherness .  The are pretty filling as well.

I am a peppermint bark lover!! And DOVE makes one o the best!!

These milkshakes are SEASONAL at Chickfila...and how my goodnesstobetsy They are AMAZING!!
I had Richael get one for me when I wanted to slit my wrists because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. It was just what I needed and I was happy for the next 10.5 seconds that is lasted.  Then I wallowed in self pitty again.

I NEVER woulda tried these...but coworker wanted me to try one. And o my how pleasant it was !! I DO NOT LIKE chips so I never would have tried these otherwise. They are really good. I don't know if they are healthy or not..I am sure they claim to be. But they last a long time because they are individually packed with about 12 sticks per pack. Richael even tried it without gagging so you know if can't be too bad .

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