Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with Family

As we all know..I work...and I only get to be with my family for Christmas every third year due to my work schedule. So I was SO HAPPY to finally be with the family for Christmas this year after year of waiting. I have more pics but here are a few favs.

This is Mia and me...and our rocking gingerbread house. Complete with dog, doghouse, christmas tree, tree and skateboards.
This was an attempt to get a "grandkids" pic. This is my favorite one . Chewy snapped it just in time to capture the momment.
And THIS is my favorite .  Bobo and Andyroo left to shop.  I was alone with thier kid and I just couldn't wiat to do THIS to their kid.  Say hello to brooklynns MOHAWK.  (you can tell by the smile she loved it)

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